Divi Booster Plugins PHP Compatibility & Requirements


This post addresses the PHP compatibility and requirements of the plugins sold by Divi Booster.

Divi Booster plugin PHP Compatibility / Requirements

At Divi Booster, we aim to ensure that our plugins work correctly on a wide range of site configurations, and as such they currently support all PHP versions from PHP 5.3 upwards.

To ensure that our plugins remain compatible with the latest PHP versions, we regularly test them using the latest version of the phpcompatibility code sniffer library. We also test them on live sites running a variety of PHP versions to ensure that everything works as expected.

If you do happen to encounter any issues with Divi Booster or any of our other plugins, please do not hesitate to reach out to us, and we will endeavor to look into them for you.

PHP Compatibility Checker not working with Divi Booster

While PHP Compatibility Checker plugin has been a useful tool for checking the PHP compatibility of plugins such as ours in the past, the plugin has made changes that prevent it from working with premium themes and plugins. As a result, it now only scans themes and plugins from the WordPress plugin directory (rather than actually testing the plugin code installed on your site) and running the scan on premium plugins such as Divi Booster generates the following error:

Response status: 404

Message: The audit requested does not exist.

The compatibility scan will also fail to complete. Therefore, we recommend that you disable Divi Booster plugins (and, if necessary, other premium themes / plugins) prior to running the scan.

Rest assured that we test Divi Booster plugins internally using the latest version of the same PHP compatibility library used by that plugin, so any PHP compatibility issues that PHP Compatibility Checker would have been able to identify will be identified by our own internal testing.

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