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Latest Divi Theme Tips

Put One Divi Accordion Module inside Another

If you need to embed one Divi module inside another, there are several plugins out there that may help, such as Simple Divi Shortcodes (free), Shortcodes for Divi (also free), or Divi Shortcodes (premium). They all work in more or less the same way - you save your...

Hide Default LearnDash Components when using Divi LearnDash Kit

Divi LearnDash Kit lets you design LearnDash courses from within the Divi Builder. When doing that, you may wish to hide some of the default content that Divi and LearnDash add outside the Divi Builder layout area. Specifically, this includes the default course...

Add Second Button to Blog Module Posts

If you'd like to add a second button beside posts in the Divi Blog module, here's a way to do it. I've had a bit of a play around and come up with a basic implementation (in PHP). In this example I'm adding a "Buy Tickets" button with a URL taken from a custom field....

Add / Remove LearnDash Course Materials

If you want to add supplementary materials to a LearnDash course page, you can use the built-in "Course Materials" option. Enable LearnDash Course Materials You'll find the option to add course materials by going into the backend edit screen for your course page and...

Change Show / Hide Button Text on Click

Divi Show / Hide Button lets you reveal and/or hide Divi Builder elements at the click of a button. It includes an option to change the text of the button when it is 'active' (i.e. when it has been clicked). Here's how to set the option up.Setting the Show / Hide...

Set Password Expiry in Divi Password Box

The Divi Password Box module lets you style password protected WordPress pages using the Divi Builder. The module builds upon WordPress's password protection, and as such when the user enters the correct password, they will gain access to the page for 10 days. After...

Divi Show / Hide Module Grouping Option

The Divi Show / Hide Button module lets you reveal Divi Builder elements with the click of a button. Sometimes you may wish to apply custom styles to the button when it has been "activated", i.e. clicked. One way you can do it is to use the grouping option. If you set...

Prevent Empty Searches in the Divi Search Box

By default, an empty search in Divi will result in the display of all posts on the search page. Here's how to prevent empty searches.Prevent Empty Searches in the Default Header Search Box To prevent empty searches in the search box revealed by the search icon in the...

Add EDD Cart Icon to Divi Header

Want to add a cart icon to the Divi header when using Easy Digital Downloads? Here's how to do it. Simply add the following PHP code to your site:Related Post: Adding PHP to the Divi Theme This code is based on a snippet shared by Isabel Castillo. I've customized it a...

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