Enable Dynamic Content on the Divi Contact Form Email Address Field


Unlock the full potential of your Divi Contact Form with the latest update from Divi Dynamic Content Extended: Dynamic Content support for the Contact Form Email Address Field.

Dynamic content within Divi's Contact Form opens up numerous possibilities. Whether you're aiming to direct inquiries to department-specific emails based on a service page, connecting potential clients directly with agents or realtors on listing pages, or even enabling direct communication with article authors, this feature has you covered.

Using Dynamic Content in the Contact Form Module Email Address

Here's how to set up the Contact Form module to use an email address from Dynamic content:

1) Open your Contact Form module's settings.

2) On the "Content" tab, click the "Email" heading to expand the email options. You should now see a field called "Email Address" – this is the field that determines where the contact form message gets sent.

3) Hover over the "Email Address" field. The "dynamic content" icon will now appear (as shown here in green):

4) Click this dynamic content icon. You will now get a list of the available fields, e.g.:

5) Select the field containing the email you want to use. You should now see your chosen field assigned to the Email Address option: 

6) Now save the contact form module settings and the page. Your contact form should now direct any submitted messages to the selected email address.

This feature was added in Divi Dynamic Content Extended v1.1.1.

Tip: Dynamic content is particularly useful when applied via the Divi Theme Builder. Here you can craft templates with contact forms that adapt based on the current post or user, streamlining communication and enhancing user engagement.

Adding an Email Address to the Dynamic Content Menu

If the email address you wish to use isn't already available in the Dynamic Content menu, you will need to add it. There are several ways this can be done.

First, if you want to use the email address of the author of the current post, you can just use the Author Email field added by Divi Dynamic Content Extended. It's actually already in the menu, and its value can be set in the post author's user profile. 

If your email address is a site-wide value, such as your main or departmental email addresses, it makes sense to set up and manage it in a central location alongside any other site-wide details (such as addresses and phone numbers). That way they can easily be updated as needed and reused throughout the site. Divi Dynamic Content Extended automatically adds email addresses and other fields from settings pages created using:

 Alternatively, if you want to associate different email addresses with each post / page, then you can use Divi dynamic content's existing support for WordPress custom fields and advanced custom fields. When an email address is added to the post / page using either type of custom field, the field will automatically be added to the Dynamic Content menu on that post / page.  


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