Using Meta Box Settings Page Fields in Divi Modules


MB Settings Page is an extension for the Meta Box custom fields plugin which allows you to easily create new settings pages in the WordPress Dashboard area, and reuse the values from these pages throughout the site.

Divi Dynamic Content Extended adds the ability to access these values from Divi's Dynamic Content feature. This means you can easily use values from the Meta Box settings page within Divi modules, and the modules will automatically be kept up-to-date as the information on the options page changes.

This article explains how to use the Dynamic Content feature to display the values from a Meta Box settings page in Divi modules.

An Example Meta Box Settings Page

A great use of Meta Box settings pages is a single admin page where the site owner can manage all the changing details of their business (such as phone numbers, addresses and staff) and then including this information dynamically into pages. That way, when the details change the site owner only needs to update the settings page, and the changes will be automatically reflected throughout the site.

Here's an example of a simple Meta Box settings page, set up with fields for the details of the current sales manager. It is these fields that we will use in our Divi modules:

To learn how to set up your own options page, check out the MB Settings Page documentation.

Using a Metabox Field in a Divi Module

To use a value from your Metabox settings page in the field of a Divi Module, first open the module's settings and hover over the field you want to use the value in. This will bring up the 'Dynamic Content' icon, like so:

Click the dynamic content icon.

You should now see your MB Settings Page fields included in the list of Dynamic Content fields:

Click the settings field you want to use.

You should now see that the dynamic content field has been selected:

At this point, you can also set some additional properties such as text to go before and after it. To do so, click on the "gear" icon next in the field:

Fill out these properties in the settings box that appears:

Save the page.

You should now see the value from your Meta Box settings page displayed in the module, e.g.

Now, if you view your module, it should now display the value from your options page, like so:

 When the details change, simply change them in the Metabox Settings page, and the changes will be reflected automatically in the module.

Using a Metabox Image Field in a Divi Module

The process of adding an image defined in the Metabox settings page is similar to that of adding a text field. First open the module's settings and hover over the field you want to use the value in. This will bring up the 'Dynamic Content' icon, like so:

 You should now see your Metabox image field included in the list of Dynamic Content fields:

 Select it from the list and it will be applied to the module's image field:

 Now, if you view your module, you should see the image displayed:

When the image needs to change, change it in the Metabox settings page, and the new image will automatically be displayed in the module.


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