Divi Dynamic Content Extended

Enhancements to Divi's Dynamic Content feature.
  • Use dynamic content on more module fields
  • Access fields from ACF, Meta Box and Pods settings pages
  • Works with Divi, Extra and the Divi Builder plugin

Lifetime license. Nothing more to pay.
Automatic updates. 90 day money back guarantee.

Divi Show / Hide Button Module
WP 6.5.3 Compatible

Dynamic Content in More Places

The Divi Dynamic Content Extended plugin enables dynamic content on additional Divi Builder module fields, so you can make even more of your site dynamic!

It currently adds dynamic content support to the following module fields:

  • Bar Counters module – Percent
  • Circle Counter module – Number
  • Number Counter module – Number
  • Contact Form module – Email

Need support for another field – let us know in the comments below.

ACF Options Page Fields

Setting up an Options Page in the Advanced Custom Fields PRO plugin is a quick, easy way to create a single admin page for important information, such as business or contact details. This information can then be used throughout the site, and when it needs updated it only needs to be changed in one place. That saves time and makes for happy clients!

With the Divi Dynamic Content Extended plugin, you can access ACF PRO options page fields from within the Divi Dynamic Content menu. This lets you pull information straight from the Options Page into the fields of Divi Builder modules, and create dynamic Divi pages that automatically sync with the information in your central options page!

Meta Box Settings Page Fields

Another popular way to create a single admin page for you or your clients to manage information is using the MB Settings Page extension for Meta Box. Why not set up a single page with important information such as the business contact details, logo, email addresses and/or staff names? When any of it changes there is one easy to manage place to make the updates. 

Then, with the Divi Dynamic Content Extended plugin, you can easily use these Meta Box settings page fields in your Divi modules. Your Meta Box settings page fields will show up in the dynamic content menu alongside the built-in Dynamic Content fields. When you make a change on your settings page, the modules throughout your site will automatically be updated with the latest information. Easy and efficient!

Pods Options Page Fields

Simplify content management on your Divi site with Pods Custom Settings Pages. Like Meta Box and ACF, Pods allows you to consolidate critical info like business details in one dashboard area.

With Divi Dynamic Content Extended, pulling this data into your modules is a breeze. Install Pods, set up your custom settings, and then connect these fields directly within Divi Builder. Any changes made in Pods will ripple through your Divi modules, keeping everything current without the fuss.


More Dynamic Content Fields

Divi Dynamic Content Extended also adds more fields into the dynamic content menu, to make dynamic content even more powerful.

The added Author Website and Author Email fields let you easily display and use the website and email configured in the post author's user profile. Add a link back to the author's site, or add a contact form that gets sent straight to the author. Perfect for streamlining multi-author sites.

The added Post Slug field lets you use the post's URL slug throughout your page, for instance in dynamic headers, related URLs or custom messages.


Divi Dynamic Content Extended has been jointly developed by Divi Booster and TiinyCloud.

Divi Dynamic Content Extended

Automatic updates. No recurring fees.
90 day money back guarantee.

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  1. Any connection to the Pods Plugin? Thanks.

    • Hey TJ, I'm adding support for Pods in the next update (v1.1.0). It'll make fields from Pods custom settings pages available in the dynamic content menu, similar to what can already be done using ACF and Metabox. I hope it will help, but if there's anything further you need it to be able to do (e.g. access other types of Pods) please let me know. Thanks!

  2. As of v1.0.5, Divi Dynamic Content Extended now supports the "Enable raw HTML" option on text fields.

    • As of v1.0.6, Divi Dynamic Content Extended now also supports the "Enable raw HTML" option on ACF WYSIWYG fields.


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