Divi Gallery Booster

Adds the missing features your Divi gallery module needs.

  • Save time - no more searching for CSS tweaks!
  • No rework - no need to replace your existing gallery module!
  • Create an impression - with a more polished gallery!

Lifetime license. Nothing more to pay.
Automatic updates. 90 day money back guarantee.

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WP 6.5.5 Compatible

Create Stunning Galleries Effortlessly

Divi Gallery Booster adds all the missing options you need to style your Divi gallery modules with ease. Save time and impress your site visitors and clients with breathtaking galleries.

Works with your Existing Gallery Modules

Already built a gallery and just need to perfect it? No need to throw out your hard work and go hunting for another solution!

Divi Gallery Booster adds new settings to the built-in Divi Gallery module itself. So you carry on right where you left off.

Packed with features normally missing from the gallery module, Divi Gallery Booster lets you complete your galleries with ease.


New Grid Settings

Using the gallery module in its "grid" layout? Then there are plenty of new settings to help you out.

New settings for the grid layout include:

  • Images per row
  • Image area height
  • Image area width
  • Image row spacing
  • Image scaling (fill, cover, fit, actual size)
  • Enable / disable gallery slide-in from side

New Slider Settings

Have you ever wanted to improve the arrows and dots in the gallery module's slider layout? Now you can!

New settings for the slider layout include:

  • Slider arrow color
  • Slider arrow size
  • Slider arrow shadow
  • Slider arrow icons
  • Dot navigation active color
  • Dot navigation inactive color
  • Dot navigation size
  • Dot navigation border styles
  • Cursor-following arrow effect
  • Display image count below slider

New Lightbox Settings

Tired of the same old lightbox look? Now you can make your popup images pop!

New settings for the lightbox include:

  • Enable / disable lightbox
  • Show / hide lightbox image title
  • Show / hide lightbox image count
  • Change lightbox image count separator
  • Lightbox image title font styles
  • Lightbox image title alignment
  • Lightbox image count font styles
  • Lightbox image count alignment
  • Lightbox background color
  • Lightbox image background color
  • Lightbox arrow color, size and shadow
  • Lightbox close button color, size and shadow

New Gallery Sort Options

Display the gallery images in the order you want them to with the new Image Order options added by Divi Gallery Booster.

New gallery module sort options include:

  • Reverse
  • Alphabetical
  • Alphabetical (Reverse)
  • By ID
  • By ID (Reverse)

Alphabetical sorting is done based on the image title, while ID sorting is done on the attachment IDs set by WordPress.


Is this a separate module?

No, Divi Gallery Booster adds new settings directly into the Divi Gallery module, so you can use it to improve your existing galleries or use it to produce fantastic new galleries without needing to learn and integrate a new gallery product.

Is this part of the Divi Booster plugin?

Divi Gallery Booster is available both as a standalone plugin and as part of our Divi Booster plugin.

If you just want to make working with the Divi gallery module easier and more productive, it's the right option for you. You can buy the standalone plugin now from this current page.

But it is also included in the Divi Booster plugin, along with new settings for many other parts of Divi. If you'd like a plugin that makes Divi more powerful and feature-rich, then Divi Booster is for you. You can get Divi Booster here.

If you already have Divi Booster, great! You don't need Divi Gallery Booster – all of Divi Gallery Booster's new settings will be automatically made available to you in regular updates to Divi Booster.



Will Divi Gallery Booster support Divi 5?

Yes! I'm in the process of adding Divi 5 support to all of my plugins, including Divi Gallery Booster.

I want a feature not listed here... can I request it?

Yes please! I want to make sure Divi Gallery Booster provides all the features you need for your projects. If there's something you'd like to see added, please let me know in the comments below or via the contact form and I'll do my best to add it.

Will my changes show in the Visual Builder preview?

Some will and some won't. Due to limitations in Divi 4, it isn't possible to provide previews of some of the settings. If a feature can't be previewed, a notice will be displayed in the gallery module settings to let you know. In such cases you can simply save the page and view the changes on the front end. You may wish to design your gallery on a private page if you're not yet ready to show your creation to the world.

Get Divi Gallery Booster Today!

Don't put up with unpolished galleries, CSS hacks and wasted hours!


Divi Gallery Booster

Automatic updates. No recurring fees.
90 day money back guarantee.

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