Divi Copy and Paste

Streamline your Divi image module creation

Copy and paste images straight into Divi, Extra and the Divi Builder
Save time by bypassing the WordPress image uploader
Creates an image module directly from your pasted image

Lifetime license. Nothing more to pay.
Automatic updates. 90 day money back guarantee.

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WP 6.5.5 Compatible

I often need to add screenshots and other images as image modules in a Divi Builder layout. I found the process of saving the image and then uploading it into WordPress / Divi to be unnecessarily time consuming, so I created the Divi Copy & Paste plugin to streamline the process. 

Here's an example of the process with and without Divi Copy & Paste:

Without Divi Copy & Paste

  1. Save the image to your computer
  2. Click to insert a new module in Divi Builder
  3. Locate and select an image module
  4. In module settings, click to "Upload an Image"
  5. Locate the image on your computer and upload
  6. Click "Set as Image" to insert into the module
  7. Save the module settings

With Divi Copy & Paste

  1. Copy the image to the clipboard
  2. Paste image into the new "Paste Into Divi" box
  3. Right click the "Insert Module" button
  4. Click "Paste Module" to insert as image module

How Divi Copy & Paste Works

When you copy images and text, your computer stores them in an area called the "clipboard" until they are pasted into another document or application. Divi has its own, separate clipboard, which it uses when you copy and paste modules, rows, etc, within Divi Builder. However, there is no connection between the two – images you save to your computer's clipboard aren't available in Divi – you need to save and then upload them.

Divi Copy & Paste bridges this gap. It gives you an place where you can paste images from your computer's clipboard into Divi. When an image is pasted into Divi – by pasting it into the "Paste into Divi" box the plugin adds to the WordPress admin bar – Divi Copy & Paste uploads the image to your WordPress media library and then creates and saves a module to Divi's own clipboard. The image module, complete with your image, is now available to be pasted into Divi using Divi's built-in "Paste Module" option. 


An Example of Divi Copy & Paste

Let's say you have a screenshot in Paint and you want to add a cropped section of it as an image module in your Divi Builder layout. Here's how:

1. Copy image to clipboard
2. Paste into Divi
1. Insert into Layout
4. Image module!

Divi Copy and Paste

Automatic updates. No recurring fees.
90 day money back guarantee.

Got a Question?


  1. Hi – what happens when I put my Licence Key in and it says that "Your license key has reached its activation limit." Was it only active for 90 days or something?

    • Hi Eric,

      Your Divi Agency Bundle, and by extension Divi Copy and Paste, is a single-site lifetime license, so it will always remain valid – it's not limited to 90 days. The message about reaching the activation limit indicates that the license key is already in use on the maximum number of sites, which for your license, is one site.

      If you need to move your license to a different site, or if the site it's currently activated on is no longer in use, here's how you can manage your activations:

      1. Log into your Divi Booster account
      2. Click on the "View Licenses" link next to your purchase.
      3. Then click on the "Manage Licenses" next to the plugin you want to manage.
      4. Here, you'll see a list of sites where the plugin is activated, and you can remove the site if necessary.

      Should you wish to use the plugin on more than one site, you have a couple of options. You can upgrade your current bundle – these upgrades are prorated, considering what you've already paid. To check available upgrades, log in to your account, click "View Licenses," next to your Agency Bundle purchase and then "View Upgrades".

      Alternatively, you can purchase a separate license for Divi Copy and Paste for an additional site, if that's all you need.

      I hope that answers your question, but if there's anything else I can help you with, don't hesitate to reach out.


  2. Hi Dan,
    What happens to the image with respect to the Media Library? What kind of name is it given? I assume all the image sizes are created and it goes through normal image optimization processes?

    • Hey David,

      The image will be uploaded to the media library and available there like any other uploaded image.

      At the moment, if you copy an existing image (e.g. copy an image file from the desktop) and paste that in, the media library title will be set to the slugified version of the image file name. So copying an image called "some-file.png" would give the title "some-file". If you are copying the image where there isn't a title available (e.g. if you copied a selection from a paint program) then the title in the media library will just be set to "image". You can, of course, edit the title manually after that, but if you have a particular use case where you have an existing title available, let me know and I'll look into whether it's possible to get it transferred into the media library.

      And yes, the image sizes will be created and any image optimizations in place should be applied (I use Smush to compress images and it applies to the copy / pasted images).

      I hope that helps, but feel free to ask if there's anything else you'd like to know.


  3. Here is what is happening

    When I capture an image using Windows Shift S – the image is uploaded with DIVI Paste. But if I capture the image using Ctrl C or Ctrl X – the image won't transfer

  4. This plugin no longer works – tried deleting and reinstall – nothing

    • Hey Pete, thanks for the comment. I think the issue might be with the data being copied to the clipboard to being with. Are you able to give me an idea of what you're copying from (e.g. is the browser, or an app such as Word), and how you select it (e.g. do you just click on it before you do Ctrl C, or are you dragging an area with the mouse to select it?). What might be happening is that instead of a plain image, the clipboard could be receiving HTML (or similar) wrapping an image – which isn't then being recognized as an image. I should be able to say more once I understand where your image is coming from.

      For reference, the plugin is still working for me in the various ways I use it – mainly copying images from paint programs (via Ctrl C) and copying images from webpages (via "Right Click > Copy Image" in Chrome).


  5. Buggy – Images disappear.

    • Hi Dion, I'm sorry to hear you're having this issue. Is there any chance you're able to give me a bit more detail on what you're seeing (or not). If you're able to describe the steps to reproduce it, or send through a screenshot, etc, that would be very helpful. Thanks!

  6. need support, copy&paste does not work for me! Divi 4x and newest WP

    • Ok, now I found the item position and it working fine :-)

      • Great! Thanks for letting me know, Petra :)


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