Divi Search Results Module

Display dynamic search results as your user types

Adds a Search Results module to Divi
Dynamically loads search results as the user types
Works with any input box on the page

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Automatic updates. 90 day money back guarantee.

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WP 6.5.3 Compatible

Dynamically Load Search Results on Your Divi Pages

Introducing the Divi Search Results Module, the perfect plugin for enhancing the search functionality within the Divi Builder. This handy Divi module allows dynamic loading of search results via AJAX as the user types in the search box, providing a swift and responsive search experience.

Adds a Search Results Module

With Divi Search Results Module, you will get a new "Search Results" module in the Divi Builder. This module allows you to either display its own search box, or link to any input box on your page using a CSS selector. As users type in the search box, the module dynamically displays search results based on their input.

Unlike the standard Divi "Search" module, which requires the search box to be submitted before loading results, the Divi Search Results module offers live, on-the-fly search results.

Dynamic Search Results

By default the Divi Search Results Module displays its own search box. When the user types in the box, the results of their search is dynamically displayed below the search box. Easy.

Try it out: An example search results module

Use any Search Box

You're not limited to using the built-in search box. Divi Search Results Module You can instead display dynamic search results based on the text entered in an existing search box.

A standard Divi Search Module:

And a Divi Search Results Module linked to it:

Divi Search Results Module

Not just for Search Boxes

Idea: Connect Divi Search Results Module to the subject line of your contact form and auto-suggest related posts to your users. It saves them time and reduces your support burden :)

A Divi Contact Form Module:

And a Divi Search Results Module linked to its subject line:

Divi Search Results Module

Highly Configurable

The Divi Search Results module can be customized in various ways, to ensure it fits in with your site and design:

  • Set the text shown before the user searches
  • Set the text shown when there are no results
  • Set the maximum number of results
  • Show / hide the excerpt
  • Include / exclude posts from the results
  • Include / exclude pages from the results
  • Style it all via the module design settings

The Divi Search Results Module has been designed with flexibility in mind. It's more than just a search module – it's a way to improve user engagement, boost customer support, and enhance the overall user experience on your site!

Get Divi Search Results Module

Start using the Divi Search Results Module today and bring dynamic search functionality to your site!

Divi Search Results Module

Automatic updates. No recurring fees.
90 day money back guarantee.

Got a Question?


  1. Can you show a real example of the module in work?

    • Hi shmuel, the examples above actually work – they are all built with the search results module. They give search results from Divi Booster so just enter something like "slider" and the results should show posts on Divi Booster about the slider.

      But if you want a real-world example, check out my contact form. I originally developed the module for use on that page. At the time I was getting a lot of questions from customers that I had already answered in a post on the site. While pointing them to the right post didn't take me a huge amount of effort, the customer would be left waiting until I was next online to get an answer. So I added the "Suggested Answers" section to the contact form using the newly developed Divi Search Results module.

      The search results module on that page is configured to search for and display results relating to the subject line entered in the contact form. You can try this out by entering a question like "How do I stop the Divi slider at the end?" into the contact form subject line. When you do, you should see the search results relating to this question displayed in the "Suggested Answers" section. As you'll see, the module is configured to display excerpts for the posts too.

      Almost immediately I saw a drop in the amount of questions I got that had pre-existing answers, which suggests that the module was working and helping people find the answers straight away.

      • Thanks Dan! The contact form looks like a good idea,

        • You're welcome, Shmuel :)


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