Divi Christmas Icons

Divi Christmas Icons from Divi Booster adds holiday icons to Divi.

  • Adds 200 Divi-style icons
  • Use in any module with icon support
  • Commercially licensed icons so no attribution needed

Lifetime license. Nothing more to pay.
Automatic updates. 90 day money back guarantee.

Divi Show / Hide Button Module
WP 6.5.3 Compatible

Enhance Your Divi Designs with Festive Icons!

Introducing the Divi Christmas Icons plugin – Your go-to solution for decking out your Divi site in holiday spirit. With this nifty plugin, you'll seamlessly integrate a charming collection of Christmas icons into your web designs.

Christmas Icons for Divi

Bring the holiday spirit to your site with the Divi Christmas Icons Plugin

This plugin adds 200 festive Christmas icons right into your Divi icon picker, ready for use in your modules. No hassle, no extra steps. Just search for the icon you want, or select "Christmas" from the icon picker "Filter" list to see the full set.

Decorate your pages with classic Divi-style icons, cute "kawaii" icons, easy-going hand-drawn icons, nativity-themed icons, or stylish baubles. Whether it's for a sale, an event, or simply to spread holiday cheer, there's an icon to suit your site.

All icons have been commercially licensed from FlatIcon, so no attribution is needed.


50 Classic Christmas Icons

The Divi Christmas Icons Plugin adds a treasure trove of 50 general Christmas icons. These crisp and clean icons fit Divi's aesthetics flawlessly while broadening your holiday toolkit.

The icons include: an angel, a bell with a bow, a candle, candy, a candy cane, a Christmas bag, a Christmas ball, multiple Christmas balls, a Christmas bauble, a Christmas candle, a Christmas card, Christmas Day depiction, a Christmas gift, a Christmas gift card, a Christmas gift box, Christmas gifts ensemble, a Christmas hat, a Christmas label, Christmas lights, a Christmas present, a Christmas shopping bag, a Christmas sled, a Christmas sock, a Christmas star, a Christmas tree, a Christmas tree in a box, a Christmas wreath, a church, a deer head, a deer headband, a fireplace, a gingerbread man, hot chocolate, a house with snow on the roof, a letter to Santa Claus, a lollipop, mistletoe, a mitten with heart, New Year's time, Santa Claus's face, a shooting star, a snow globe, a snowflake, a snowman, a snowman head, snowy weather, sparkles, a star, stars, and wine glasses.

50 Adorable Kawaii Icons

Infuse fun and cuteness into your holiday designs with these 50 adorable kawaii Christmas icons.

The kawaii icons include: a Christmas tree, snowflakes, Jesus, an angel, bells, a star, a snowman, ice-skates, lights, another snowman, a lollipop, a Christmas wreath, a bauble, a hand catching snow, a reindeer, a letter to Santa, a candle, another Christmas tree, a candy cane, a gift, a winter hat, another star, a sweater, a present, a Christmas stocking, a fire place, mistletoe, Santa Claus, a jingle bell, Santa's hat, a turkey, a scarf, a nutcracker, a holiday loaf, a boot, an elf, a sack, a calendar, hot chocolate, a gingerbread man, a ribbon, another bauble, a cornet, a chimney, a Christmas bag, a glove, party poppers, a sled, a snow globe, and wine glasses.


50 Hand Drawn Icons

Bring a relaxed feel to your site these holidays with the 50 included hand drawn Christmas icons.

The hand drawn icons include: a gingerbread man, a shooting star, a snowman, another snowman, holly, a gift, more holly, presents, more gifts, a star, a Christmas tree, candles with holly, a candy cane, yet another snowman, another shooting star, a different Christmas tree, one more Christmas tree, a reindeer, more presents, Santa Claus, a Christmas hat, more holly, another Christmas hat, a ribbon, a different snowman, December 25, a present, a fireplace, an angel, a Christmas ball, a further snowman, a bell, a candle, another star, a lolly, a dripping candle, a different gift, a tree, a heart-shaped bauble, a candle with a bow, a penguin with a scarf, another ribbon, a candle with holly, a penguin with a hat, a gift box, one more gift, a different present, trees, another December 25, and bells.


20 Nativity Icons

Celebrate the story of Christmas with these 20 included nativity icons.

The nativity icons include: a shooting star, Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Gaspar, the Holy Bible, gold, a calendar, a crown, a gift, Baltazar, a star, myrrh, incense, a leaf, Melchor, a bottle of myrrh, a camel, another crown, a third crown, and a chest of gold.

30 Bauble Icons

Perfectly match your site's design with these 30 stylish bauble icons.

The bauble icons come in a range of designs, featuring stripes, spots, diamonds, snowflakes, Christmas trees, stars, reindeer, hearts and more. Whatever your site, there's sure to be a bauble that fits with your design.

Get Divi Christmas Icons Now

Make this holiday season stand out. Give your website visitors the warm, fuzzy feelings that only this time of year can bring.
Don't let your designs be left in the cold – grab the Divi Christmas Icons Plugin, and add some holiday spirit to your site!

Divi Christmas Icons

Automatic updates. No recurring fees.
90 day money back guarantee.

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