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All Divi Plugins by Divi Booster

In addition to the ever popular Divi Booster, we develop a wide range of plugins designed to help you get the most out of Divi.

Most Popular Divi Plugins

"I use multiple plugins by this developer, and would highly recommend them all." – Karrie

Adds hundreds of new options to Divi

Better Divi and LearnDash Integration

Show and hide content with a click

Divi Booster

Divi Booster adds all the features you need to build awesome sites in Divi.  

Adds hundreds of new options to Divi

Divi Booster's gallery module options only

Divi Modules

Improve your pages and layouts with these custom Divi modules 

The easy way to add PHP code to Divi

Show and hide content with a click

Better-looking password protected pages

Syntax-highlighted code snippet module

Automatic SEO-ready breadcrumbs module

Dynamic Search Results

Display your recipes, beautifully

Boost holiday season goodwill and sales

Easily add QR Codes to your pages

Divi Extensions

These powerful tools add special-purpose capabilities to your Divi site

Streamline image module creation

Enhancements to Divi's Dynamic Content feature

Runs shortcodes where Divi doesn't

Page transition effects for Divi

Divi Compatibility Kits

Our "kits" make plugins you already use work better with Divi

Better Divi and LearnDash Integration

Better Divi and ARMember Integration

Divi Icon Packs

Add the icons you need, directly into the Divi module settings icon picker

Add festive holiday icons to Divi

Add Easter and Spring icons to Divi

Divi Font Packs

Add new fonts directly into the Divi module settings font selection menu

Add winter holiday fonts to Divi

Divi Bundles

Save 40-60% with our hand-picked Divi Plugin Bundles

Save 60% with our best plugins for agencies

Save 50% with our best plugins for designers

Save 40% with our best plugins for authors

All you need for a festive promotion

Latest Divi Theme Tips

Adding Custom Divi Builder Pages Programmatically

This post will show you how to programmatically add a Divi Builder page for use as a template in your child theme or custom functionality.Step 1: Create Your Page Template First, use the Divi page builder to create your page template. Add the sections and modules you...

Change the Divi Gallery Module Image Count Separator

The Divi Theme includes a gallery module which lets you display images in a grid or slider format. Clicking on the images opens them in a lightbox, which includes a '1 of X' slide image count. If you'd like to change the separator of this image count (e.g. to "1 / X"...

Fix Divi Pricing Tables Module Title Color not Working

If you're experiencing an issue where the title color of your Divi Pricing Tables module appears correctly in the Theme Builder but shows a different color on the live site, you're not alone. This discrepancy often arises due to conflicting styles with the same level...

Center Align the Image in the Divi Person Module

When the Divi Person module is displayed in a narrow width (e.g. in a two-column row), the person image will appear above the title and description and is left-aligned by default. Unfortunately, there isn't an option to center align this image directly within the...

Change the Divi Email Optin Module Placeholder Text

The Divi Email Optin module is an easy way to add a signup form for you mailing list. It can include several fields: First Name, Last Name, Name and Email. There isn't an option in the email optin module to change the placeholder text for these fields. However, they...

Change the Timezone for the Divi Countdown Timer Module

The Divi Countdown Timer module is great for adding countdowns to events or sale endings. By default, the countdown timer uses the timezone configured in WordPress Settings. However, there are times you may want to set a different timezone specifically for the...

Display SQL Results with Divi PHP Code Module

The Divi PHP Code Module lets you easily add PHP code anywhere in your Divi Builder pages. One of the many things you can do with it is execute and display the results of SQL statements. Here's an simple example. Suppose you want to display the titles of your 5 latest...

How to Create a Dog-Ear Effect in Divi

Creating a dog-ear effect on your Divi site elements can add an appealing visual touch, creating an impression of a page corner being folded over. This guide will walk you through applying a consistent dog-ear effect using CSS with specific dimensions, and demonstrate...

Show or Hide Menu Items Based on Logged In Status

Do you need to show some of the items in your Divi menus only to logged out users or only to logged in users? For example, showing a "login" link to logged out users and a "logout" link to logged in users. Here's how to do it. Set Up Your Menu If you haven't already...

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