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Adds hundreds of new options to Divi

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Latest Divi Theme Tips

Swap Image Modules at the Click of a Button

If you want to swap between two Divi image modules at the click of a button, here's a way to achieve it with the Divi Show / Hide Button module. First, create a column with two image modules (one for each image) and then a show / hide button below them, like so:Use...

Combining LearnDash, Divi LearnDash Kit & SCORM

LearnDash doesn't itself support the e-learning standard, SCORM, but they have a post on adding SCORM compatibility to LearnDash which identifies two plugins which can be used to insert SCORM content into LearnDash: Tin Canny Add-on GrassBlade xAPI Companion You...

Generating Divi Breadcrumbs from a Menu

The Divi Breadcrumbs Module lets you add SEO-ready breadcrumbs to any Divi builder layout. By default, the breadcrumbs are based on the structure of the site as it is defined in WordPress (e.g. using categories, tags, parent pages, and so on). But what if you need the...

Fix LearnDash Certificate Builder not working in Divi

LearnDash includes the option to reward your users with certificates upon completion of course material such as lessons. To make designing the certificates easier, LearnDash offer the free Certificate Builder Add-On. If you're having trouble getting it to work with...

Filtering the Divi Shop Module

Divi comes with a collection of modules for WooCommerce (and newer cart & checkout modules). One of these is the Divi shop module which allows WooCommerce products to be displayed in a grid, similar to the blog module and portfolio module. One thing currently...

Change where the Divi Login Module Redirects To

Divi Includes a Login Module, which lets you add a login box to any page / Divi Builder layout. If you need to control where the user ends up after login in, here are some options:Redirecting Back to the Current Page The Divi Login Module includes a built-in option...

Change the Background Color on Social Media Follow Module Icons

Divi Includes a Social Media Follow Module which lets you display social media icons linking to your social media accounts. Here are a couple of ways to change the background color of your social media follow module icons. Need more icons? Divi Booster adds more...

Reveal a Divi Module (or Row / Section) when Image Clicked

The Divi Show / Hide Module lets you add a button to Divi that reveals or hides Divi Builder elements with the click of a button. If you want to instead show / hide elements when an image is clicked, it can be easily done by configuring the module to display as an...

Divi LearnDash Kit Course Content Module

Divi LearnDash Kit adds new Divi modules for displaying LearnDash components within a Divi Builder layout. One of these modules is the LearnDash Course Content module. This post gives an overview of the module and its options.The module displays the content (lessons,...

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