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Latest Divi Theme Tips

Scheduling Modules to Show at Particular Dates / Times

Here is a quick round up of some of the options for controlling the visibility of Divi Builder elements (modules, rows, sections) based on the date and time. This allows, for example, scheduling of limited time promotional content, hiding of content until a launch...

Set Divi Image Module Image from a Shortcode

The Divi Theme Image Module lets you upload and display an image in your page. But if you need to set the Image dynamically, here's how to use a shortcode to set the image URL.Step 1: Enable shortcodes in the image module URL field By default Divi doesn't support...

Open / Close All Accordion Toggles with the Click of a Button.

The Divi Accordion module doesn't come with a way to open / close all accordion toggles at once. Here's how to add a Divi Button module which will do just that. Step 1: Add a Button Module Begin by adding a button module to your layout. This will be the button that we...

Change the Post Content Module Background Color

The Post Content module introduced by Divi 4.0 is a placeholder for the main content layout, within a theme builder template. It comes with a convenient option to set its background color / image. However, you might find that your chosen background doesn't show,...

Add Vertical Separator Bars to the Divi Menu Module

I've written before about how to add separator bars to links in the main header. This post covers how to achieve the same effect in the Divi menu module. Specifically, here's what we're trying to achieve:Here are several ways to add the vertical lines between the menu...

Displaying Projects in a Table

Here's an example of code for displaying projects in table format, with custom fields and links to the individual projects. I.e. this is what we're trying to achieve:Step 1: Set up Custom Fields To display custom fields for you projects, you can set them up using the...

Center or Right-Align the Footer Menu

The Divi Theme includes an option to add a menu to the footer, between the widget area and the bottom bar, like so (highlighted in orange):By default the links are on the left. This post covers ways to move then to the center (as shown below) or the right.Setting the...

Creating Tabs using the Divi Show / Hide Button Module

The Divi Theme includes a tab module for creating tabbed content. However, if you want more flexibility, here's how you can use Divi buttons to create a tabs.Creating Tabs with the Divi Show / Hide Button ModuleI created the Divi Show / Hide Button Module as an easy...

Hide WooCommerce Cart Icon when Cart Empty

When WooCommerce is active on a site running the Divi theme, Divi will display a cart icon in the header. Clicking on this cart will take the the user to the checkout. If you don't want users clicking through to an empty checkout page, you can hide the cart icon while...

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Enhance your Divi Theme by Elegant Themes:
  • All my best tips and tricks in one plugin
  • Easy to use, no coding required
  • Free updates for life
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