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Adds hundreds of new options to Divi

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Latest Divi Theme Tips

Open Divi Gallery in Full-Screen Mode

Divi includes a gallery module which lets you display a grid of images. When clicked, these images open in a lightbox popup. If you'd like to make this gallery popup more prominent, here's how to make the browser switch to full-screen mode while displaying the gallery...

Show / Hide Content with a Button in the Divi Menu

If you'd like to be able to include a button in a Divi menu which, when clicked, displays (or hides) content in the site, here's how to do it.Add a Divi Show / Hide Button to the Default Divi Menu The Divi Show / Hide Button module lets you add a Divi-style button to...

Filtering the output of Divi Module Fields

Divi uses the values entered in a module's settings to generate the HTML output for the module. While Divi provides filters to modify the module setting values before they are used, it doesn't typically provide a way of modifying the values as they are finally used in...

Make a Divi Button Popup a Calendly Widget

Calendly lets you manage your calendar and appointment scheduling. It includes an option to embed widgets within your website. While Calendly includes the option of embedding a popup, if you want the popup to be triggered by a Divi button, here's a way to do...

Show Posts for a Specific Author in the Divi Blog Module

Divi's blog module lets you display a list of posts, optionally filtered by category. If you instead need to show only the posts by a specific author, here's how to do it.Filter Blog Module Posts by Author using Divi Booster Divi Booster adds an option for filtering...

Open a Toggle Module when Linking to the Page

Divi includes a Toggle module which lets you display a content in an expandable box. The toggle module can be configured to start open or closed. But if you'd like to be able to selectively open the toggle module when linking from another page, here's how to do it....

Reveal Divi Contact Form with a Button Click

Divi includes a contact form module that lets you add an email contact form to a page. Here's how to hide the contact form until a "Contact Us" button is clicked.Add a Contact Us Button with Divi Show / Hide Button Module Divi Show / Hide Button module makes it easy...

Styling the Filterable Portfolio Module Tabs

Divi includes a filterable portfolio module which lets you display your projects along with "tab" buttons that let your users select particular categories of project to view. Here's some tips for styling the filterable portfolio module tabs. First, though, here's how...

Make Woo Products Module Items Equal Height

Divi includes a Woo Products module (formally called the Shop module), which can display a grid of products from your WooCommerce store. The heights of the products can vary depending on their contents, leading to an uneven grid. Here's how to equalize the heights of...

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