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In addition to the ever popular Divi Booster, we develop a wide range of plugins designed to help you get the most out of Divi.

Explore them now and join 50,000+ awesome web designers already building better Divi sites with Divi Booster. 

Most Popular Divi Plugins

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Adds hundreds of new options to Divi

Better Divi and LearnDash Integration

Show and hide content with a click

Divi Modules

Improve your pages and layouts with these custom Divi modules 

The easy way to add PHP code to Divi

Show and hide content with a click

Better-looking password protected pages

Syntax-highlighted code snippet module

Automatic SEO-ready breadcrumbs module

Dynamic Search Results

Display your recipes, beautifully

Divi Extensions

These powerful tools add new features and capabilities to any Divi site

Adds hundreds of new options to Divi

Enhancements to Divi's Dynamic Content feature

Runs shortcodes where Divi doesn't

Page transition effects for Divi

Streamline image module creation

Divi Compatibility Kits

Our "kits" make plugins you already use work better with Divi

Better Divi and LearnDash Integration

Better Divi and ARMember Integration

Divi Bundles

Save 40-60% with our hand-picked Divi Plugin Bundles

Save 60% with our best plugins for agencies

Save 50% with our best plugins for designers

Save 40% with our best plugins for authors

Latest Divi Theme Tips

Embedding DearPDF in Divi

The DearPDF plugin lets you display PDFs in your page with several effects, such as a 3D flipbook. If you'd like to include a DearPDF flipbook in your Divi page, here are some options. Include a DearPDF Flipbook Inline with the Page Content To include the PDF directly...

Resize the Author Profile Picture in Divi Dynamic Content

If you're using the "Author Profile Picture" field in Divi's dynamic content feature, you may find the profile image is smaller than you'd expect. This is because Author Profile Picture field requests a fixed size image from Gravatar using the WordPress default avatar...

Display Two Divi Columns Side-by-Side on Mobile

Divi lets you lay out web pages in sections, rows, columns and modules. This lets you, for example, display two modules side-by-side, using a two-column row. However, it can be trickier to display two columns side-by-side on mobile. Here's a way to do it. When you use...

Move "Divi" Item to the Top of the WP Admin Menu

 Are you are looking for a way to rearrange the items in your WordPress admin menu sidebar to move the Divi item closer to the top? It's not natively possible to move the Divi option to the top. However, there are ways to do this through code or plugins.Move the Divi...

Divi Tablet Styles not Applying on iPads

If you're trying to get your Divi site looking the way you want on iPads, you might notice that it doesn't necessarily behave the way you'd expect - in particular that the iPad uses the desktop rather than tablet view. Here's why, and what to do about it. Using...

Collecting Data from Users via Divi

If you're looking to collect data from your users via your Divi site, there are various options. The tool(s) that will best suit your needs will depend a lot on what exactly you need to collect, how you need to set up the form, and how you want to store / access the...

Make Divi Buttons Round

The Divi Button module lets you easily add buttons to your Divi builder pages. Normally these are rectangular. If you'd like to make a button circular instead, here's how to create round Divi buttons.Make Divi Buttons Round using CSS  It's relatively simple to make a...

Reveal a Divi Element when a Blurb Module is Clicked

I've previously written about revealing content at the click of a Divi button. Here's how to do a similar thing using the Divi Blurb module - that is, revealing a Divi module, row or section when the Blurb module is clicked. Add Classes to your Blurb module First, add...

Restrict Divi Elements by ARMember Plan

The ARMember Membership plugin lets you define plans which your users can sign up for to access premium content. If you'd like to restrict access to individual Divi sections, rows or modules, based on the plan the user is currently assigned to, here's how. Restrict...

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