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Latest Divi Theme Tips

Adding Divi Builder Sections and Modules Using Shortcodes

Do you want to add a Divi Library element, such as a section, row or module into a non-Divi Builder page or into another Divi Builder module? If so, there are several plugins out there which will help you generate a shortcode which you can use to display the Divi...

Add a Separator Between the Divi Primary Menu Items

If you'd like to add a separator bar between items in the Divi primary menu bar, here's how to do it.Adding Menu Item Separators using Divi Booster Divi Booster includes an option for adding menu item separators. To use it, simply enable the following option: Divi >...

Change the Blog Module "Older / Newer Entries" Text

The Divi Blog Module presents users with pagination links showing "older entries" and "newer entries" to allow them to navigate a long list of posts. If you'd like to change the text of these links, here's how. Changing the Older / Newer Entries Link Text in CSS While...

Showing Post Tags in the Post Title Module

The Divi Theme includes a Post Title module, that can be used to display the post title, meta data and feature image anywhere within a Divi Builder layout. While the meta data lets you display the post's categories below the title, there is no built-in way to display...

Adding More Icons to the Social Media Follow Module

The Divi Theme's social media follow module allows you to add social media buttons into your web pages. It lets you choose from a limited range of icons... but what if you want one that isn't listed there? Here is a quick tip for adding the social media network icon...

Set Visual Builder "Build from Scratch" Default

When you start a new post / page in Divi Builder, you'll be presented with three choices: Build from Scratch Load Premade Layout Clone Existing Page If you always select the same option, you can speed up your workflow by setting one of these as the default. To do...

Disabling Animations in Visual Builder

The Divi Theme's visual builder overlays the front-end view of your website with a range of buttons, borders and popup modal boxes which can be used to manipulate the webpage. These elements are animated onto the page, often scaling from zero height and visibility to...

Sorting the Divi Gallery Module Images

The Divi Theme's gallery module lets you display a grid of images in your posts. Here's how to control the order in which the images appear. Set the Default Order in the Divi Gallery Settings By default Divi will display the images in the order that they are added to...

Making a Divi Button Non-Clickable

The Divi Theme's button module gives you an easy way to add a styled, linked button to your page. But what if you want the button to be unlinked / non-clickable? To make a button non-clickable, you can enter:cG9pbnRlci1ldmVudHM6IG5vbmU7into the button module's "Button...

Get Divi Booster

Enhance your Divi Theme by Elegant Themes:
  • All my best tips and tricks in one plugin
  • Easy to use, no coding required
  • Free updates for life
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