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Latest Divi Theme Tips

Fix Module can't be Edited / Deleted in Visual Builder

Occasionally, you might find that a module you've added to your Divi page is no longer accessible via the visual builder interface. The module is technically there, but styles, broken code or something else has made it impossible to actually bring up the module...

Display Source Code in the Divi Tabs Module

The Divi Code Snippet module lets you display source code within your Divi Builder posts and pages. If you'd like to use the code snippet module within the Divi Tabs module, for example to display the same snippet in several languages, here's how to do it. First...

Get an Invoice for your Divi Booster Purchase

After purchasing a Divi plugin from Divi Booster, you can obtain an invoice for your accounting / records. You can also edit the invoice to add your company / billing / tax information to the invoice. View your Invoice for a Divi Booster purchase Log into your Divi...

Deactivating a License on a Divi Booster Plugin

The Divi plugins sold by Divi Booster are licensed for use on a certain number of sites (typically 1, 3 or unlimited, depending on your purchase). If you have a limited license, you may find you need to deactivate the license on one site to allow it to be used on...

Reduce Gap Below Bullet Sub-Lists in Accordion Module

The Divi theme comes with an accordion module, which can be used to display text in expandable boxes. When using a bullet list with a sub-list in the accordion content, you might notice that there is a reasonably large gap after the sub-list. Here's how that gap can...

Fix Module Settings Code Editor Styles Messed Up

Some Divi modules, such as the code module and the code snippet module, include a code editor field. Occasionally other plugins will accidently affect the styles of this code editor field making it hard or impossible to use. Here's how to fix some of these style...

Using ACF Options Page Fields in Divi Modules

Advanced Custom Fields Pro includes an Options Page feature, which allows you to easily create new settings pages in the WordPress Dashboard area, and reuse the values from these pages throughout the site. Divi Dynamic Content Extended adds the ability to access these...

Wrap Long Lines in Divi Code Snippet Module

 Divi Code Snippet module lets you display source code in your posts. By default, if the code contains long lines, a horizontal scroll bar is displayed. If you would rather have long lines wrapped, here's how to do it.Enable Line Wrapping in Divi Code Snippet Module...

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