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Latest Divi Theme Tips

Fix Calendly Widgets not Working in Divi

This is a post for collecting together anything interesting I come across relating to the use of Calendly together with the Divi theme.Problems using Calendly Inline Widgets in Code Modules Calendly offers various methods for embedding its calendars, etc. One is the...

Stop Divi Slider Module on Last Slide

Divi's slider module and fullwidth slider module include an 'Automatic Animation' option which causes the slides to change from one to the next automatically. Once the last slide is reached, the slider returns to the first slide and the animation continues. Here's how...

Change Tab Order in Filterable Portfolio Module

Divi's filterable portfolio module lets you filter a list of projects by category. These category 'tabs' are sorted alphabetically by default. Here's how the filterable portfolio looks in this case:Changing the Filterable Portfolio Tab Order using Divi Booster Divi...

ScrollSequence as a Background in Divi

The Scroll Sequence plugin allows you to create animated image sequences that play out as you scroll up and down the page. These sequences have the potential to make for eye-catching backgrounds to your Divi Builder content. But actually setting one as a background is...

Filter the Divi Module Custom CSS Fields

Divi's developer documentation describes how to control the Custom CSS Fields for a module's settings. There's a built-in filter for modifying these fields, which you can use like...

Filter the Divi Module Advanced Fields

Divi's developer documentation describes how to control the Advanced Field Types for a module's settings: that is, how to add / control advanced options such as background and font options to Divi modules. There's a built-in filter for modifying these fields, which...

Resize Divi-Style Gallery Thumbnails

Divi's theme options includes the option to replace the standard WordPress gallery with a Divi-style gallery (which, while not a module, resembles the galleries generated by the Gallery Module). By default the gallery image sizes are cropped to 400x284px. Here's how...

Add Instagram Color Gradient to Social Media Follow Module

Divi's Social Media Follow module lets you add icons for various social networks, including Instagram. By default, the Instagram icon has the old-style red background. If you'd rather use Instagram's newer yellow / purple color gradiant for the background, this post...

Link to Divi Show / Hide Button Content

The Show / Hide Button plugin lets you control the visibility of content on your page at the click of button. One of its features is the ability to hide that content initially, on page load. However, hiding content initially prevents it from being linked to by anchor...

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