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Adds hundreds of new options to Divi

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Latest Divi Theme Tips

Change Divi Shortcode Popup Module Overlay Background Color

The Divi Shortcode Popup Module lets you easily display shortcodes in a popup box, triggered by a Divi-style button in your Divi Builder pages. When the popup is displayed, the rest of the page is hidden behind a semi-transparent background overlay. If you'd like to...

Enable Raw HTML in Divi Show / Hide Button Text

Divi Show / Hide Button lets you reveal and/or hide Divi Builder elements at the click of a button. By default, the text entered in the Show / Hide button's Text field is displayed as just that: text. This means that if you enter HTML in the button's text field, it...

Change the "display" value set by Divi Show / Hide Button

The Divi Show / Hide Button lets you reveal and/or hide Divi Builder elements at the click of a button. When an element is revealed it is done so using the jQuery show() method. This method sets the "display" CSS property of the revealed element to "block". If you...

Add Terms and Conditions Checkbox to LearnDash Registration Form

LearnDash comes with the "ld_registration" shortcode which can be used to add a user registration form to your site. It doesn't include the option to require the user to accept the site terms and conditions and/or privacy policy. If you'd like to add a checkbox that...

Add Social Sharing Icons in Divi

Divi doesn't have a built-in option for adding social share buttons, but there are several ways you can add social sharing buttons (for specific networks, or a general sharing button) to your Divi site. Using a WordPress social sharing plugin shortcode There are...

Stop the Gallery Module Images opening in a Popup

The Divi theme comes with a gallery module which lets you display images in both a grid and slider format. When clicked, the images will display in a pop-up "lightbox". If you'd like to disable this so that the images are not clickable and don't open in a popup, you...

Add Current Post Title and Link to Contact Form Emails

Divi includes a contact form module which can lets your users send messages to your email inbox through your site. If you have contact forms on multiple posts / pages, it can be useful to know which post / page the user submitted the contact form on. Here's how to add...

Fix Module can't be Edited / Deleted in Visual Builder

Occasionally, you might find that a module you've added to your Divi page is no longer accessible via the visual builder interface. The module is technically there, but styles, broken code or something else has made it impossible to actually bring up the module...

Display Source Code in the Divi Tabs Module

The Divi Code Snippet module lets you display source code within your Divi Builder posts and pages. If you'd like to use the code snippet module within the Divi Tabs module, for example to display the same snippet in several languages, here's how to do it. First...

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