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Why is my purchase marked as pending?
Purchases are marked as "Pending" until confirmation of successful payment is received from our payment processor (PayPal / Stripe). You can use the "Complete Purchase" link beside the purchase to retry / complete a pending payment.

Purchases made by PayPal eCheque will be marked as pending until the eCheque has cleared, which can take 6-10 business days. Your download details will be sent out at that time. If you need access sooner, please let me know.

Why can't I see my latest purchase?
Newly made purchases can occasionally take a short time to show up. If your purchase is not visible within one hour of a successful payment, please let me know, citing details of your payment (paypal email, payment confirmation id, etc).
Why can't I see a previous purchase?
Purchases are associated with the email address supplied on the checkout page at the time of purchase.

If you have previously used a different email address, you may be able to locate your purchase by logging out and then logging back in using that other email address. If you do not have an account associated with that email address, you can register one and it will pick up any purchases made using the address. If the account exists, but you do not know the password, you can use the "Lost Password?" feature on the account login page to reset it.

If you're still unable to access your purchase, please let me know, citing details of the purchase (your full name, possible email address used, plugin purchased, approximate date).

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My email address does not exist
This means there currently isn’t an account registered for that email address. Some common reasons for this are:

1. There’s a typo in the email address.

2. You purchased using an old / different email address. Note that the account email address is the one you supplied on the checkout page, and may not be the same as, for example, your PayPal email.

3. You purchased Divi Booster several years ago. At that time, accounts weren’t automatically created. In this case, please first register for an account using the email address you originally purchased with. Then you should be able to login and see your purchase history.

If your still having problems after that, please get in contact.