Divi Learndash Kit

A plugin to make Divi and LearnDash work well together.

Adds custom LearnDash modules to Divi
Adds styling and customization options to LearnDash components
Improves compatibility between Divi and LearnDash

Automatic updates. No recurring fees.
90 day money back guarantee.

Custom Modules made for LearnDash

The plugin turns many of the LearnDash components into Divi Builder modules, so that you can easily build your LearnDash course using the Divi Builder. Added modules include:

  • Profile – Displays the user's profile
  • Course List – Shows the list of courses
  • Lesson List – Shows list of lessons
  • Topic List – Shows the list of topics
  • Quiz List – Shows list of quizzes
  • Course Progress – Displays user's progress bar for the course
  • Course Info – Shows the courses for the user
  • User Course Points – Shows the earned course points for the user
  • Video – Displays the current LearnDash Video Progression video.
  • User Groups – Displays the list of groups users are assigned to as users or leaders
  • Payment Buttons – Shows the payment buttons on any page
  • Course Content – Displays the Course Content table
  • Course Expires Status – Displays the user course access expire date
  • Course Status – Displays the course status bar
  • Registration – Displays a registration form
  • Course Survey Button – Displays a submit survey button when the Wisdm Ratings, Reviews and Feedback plugin is present

Works with and requires Divi, Extra or the Divi Builder plugin. Also requires the LearnDash plugin. These are sold separately.


Configure LearnDash Components in Divi

No more messing around with LearnDash shortcodes. Now you can configure LearnDash components directly in the familiar Divi module settings.  

Style your LearnDash components using the built-in Divi module style options, apply different styles to mobile / desktop, add custom CSS, or reuse global styles and presets. 

The modules even include options not available in the LearnDash shortcodes, so you can achieve the effects you want without custom code.

Is Divi Included?

No, Divi is not included. Divi LearnDash Kit requires the Divi Builder to be installed. Divi Builder is included in Divi, Extra or the Divi Builder plugin, so Divi LearnDash Kit will work with any of these.

Is LearnDash Included?
No, LearnDash is not included. You can purchase LearnDash here.

Divi LearnDash Kit requires LearnDash to be installed. LearnDash is used to set up the course structure in the admin area. Divi LearnDash Kit can then be used to display the courses, etc, within Divi Builder layouts / pages.

Does Divi LearnDash Kit work with other page builders?
Divi LearnDash Kit only works with the Divi Builder (included in Divi, Extra or the Divi Builder plugin). It is will not work in other page builders such as Elementor.

However, it is possible to run the Divi Builder on the same site as another page builder, by installing the Divi Builder plugin, This lets you choose which page builder you'd like to use on each page. It will then be possible to use Divi LearnDash Kit modules on any pages built with the Divi Builder. The Divi Builder plugin is included in a Divi subscription.

Divi Learndash Kit

Automatic updates. No recurring fees.
90 day money back guarantee.

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  1. Divi LearnDash Kit has been updated to version 1.6.4, which includes various style-related changes. Firstly, the background color of items within the course list module will now apply even when the course grid add-on is not active. Additionally, there were several fixes, including a resolution for the course content module's expand/collapse text styles not working and for the module's section heading styles being incorrectly applied to the "expand all" button. Finally, the course content module has been improved by adding an item background color option and expand all button font and background color options.


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