Stop Fullwidth Slider Automatic Animation On Last Slide


Divi's Fullwidth Slider module includes an 'Automatic Animation' option which causes the slides to change from one to the next automatically. Once the last slide is reached, the slider returns to the first slide and the animation continues. Here's how to run the animation only once and stop on the last slide, instead.

Method 1: Stop Slider Animation on Last Slide using Divi Booster

Divi Booster adds an option to Divi, allowing you to run the slider animation only once.

To use it, first go into the slider settings and ensure that you have Automatic Animation enabled for the slider, like so:

With Divi Booster installed, you should now see the added "Run Once" option:

Enable the option and save the settings / page.

Your slider should now run once through, stopping on the last slide.

This option is available in Divi Booster v3.5.2 upwards.

Method 2: Stop Slider Animation using jQuery

To run the slider animation just once, first add the following jQuery code to your site:

// Run slider animation once
jQuery(function($) {
    var sliderClass = '.slider-run-once'; 
    var $slider = $(sliderClass);
    var id = setInterval(
        function() {
            if($slider.find('.et_pb_slide:last-child').is(":visible")) {
                $'mouseenter mouseleave');
You can add this code to your site by pasting it into the "Divi > Theme Options > integration > Add Code to Head of your Blog" box.

Then for any slider you want to apply the "run once" effect to, simply give it a CSS class of "slider-run-once" in "Slider Settings > Advanced > CSS Id & Classes > CSS Class", like so:

Your slider should now run once through, stopping on the last slide.

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