Swap the Post Navigation Module Next and Previous Links

The Divi Theme comes with a post navigation module which lets you add links to your "previous" and "next" posts. By default, the "previous" link appears on the left and the "next" link on the right. If you'd prefer to swap them, you can use the following CSS:

.et_pb_posts_nav .nav-previous { float: right; } 
.et_pb_posts_nav .nav-next { float: left; } 
.et_pb_posts_nav .meta-nav { display: none; } 
.et_pb_posts_nav .nav-next a:before { content: '← '; } 
.et_pb_posts_nav .nav-previous a:after { content: ' →'; }

This is available as an option in Divi Booster 2.1.8 onwards, located under "Modules > Post Navigation".

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  1. Still works in 2022! Thanks for this easy solution!

    • Great! Thanks for the update, Stefan. Much appreciated!

    • Still works in 2023 too! Had me baffled for a while as I'm also using the WP Post Types Order and thought that would also handle the Post Nav order, but it swaps it around.

      • Hey Jason, I'm glad it's still working! Good to know about WP Post Types Order, too – I'll watch out for that one in the future. Cheers!

  2. Oops! Never mind. I missed adding the ".et_pb_posts_nav .meta-nav { display: none; }" code.

    • Great! I'm glad you were able to figure out out, Chuck :)

  3. Hey, Dan! I tried the above code, but it's adding the ← → and arrows in front of the existing arrows on both previous and next. What I want to do is replace those arrows with « » versions. Any way to have only one set of arrows, the latter, show?

  4. Thanks! The Divi Blog Module sorts in newest to oldest. When using the title as the post nav, it was going backwards! I thought it was going to be complicated to fix, but this solved the problem

  5. Thank you! Mine were backwards and just could not find a solution. This was it and I thank you very much!


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