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Add a Phone Number to Divi’s Main Menu

Here’s a way to add a phone number to the main Divi header menu.

Divi comes with the option to add a phone number to the top menu, and automatically adds a phone icon to it. But what if you’d like the phone number to be displayed in along side the main menu links? Here is one way to do it…

Add the phone number as a menu item

Go into the menu page of your WordPress admin area (“Appearance > Menus”), and add a new “Custom Link” to your menu. This should look similar to the above, but of course substitute in your own phone number.

Click to “Add to Menu”, move the new menu item to your desired position, and then click “Save Menu”. At this point, the phone number text should show up in your main menu.

Add a phone icon to the menu item

If you’d like to add a phone icon to the phone number, you can do so with the following CSS code:


If all has gone to plan, you should now see something like the above in your main menu.

As an added bonus, the phone number is a click-to-call link, which means that users (on mobiles, etc) will be able to simply click on the link to call you.

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