Displaying the Module Settings Mobile Icons on Hover

A lot of the module options in the Divi Theme come with the ability to set different values on desktop, tablet and mobile screen widths. These options can be accessed by clicking on a mobile icon which sometimes appears to the right of the option. Some options show the icon by default. Others, range options in particular, don't show the icon by default. In fact they don't show it until you change the main (desktop) setting to something other than the default value.

In many cases this may be a minor inconvenience as you have to change a desktop value you may have been happy with (and later change it back) just to get to the mobile options. Or you may end up fielding support queries from confused clients and users who are unsure how to make their modules look different on mobiles.

Here's how to make save everyone a bit of hassle and have the mobile icons conveniently appear when you, or your clients, hover over the corresponding option.

But first, here's how it currently looks when you view / hover over an option set to the default value – note the lack of anything to indicate that there are mobile options available:

And here is what you'll see when hovering over the option, after applying the tip in this post:

Option 1: Enable mobile icons on hover using Divi Booster

From Divi Booster 2.6.6 onwards, there is an option to easily make the mobile icons show up on hover. You'll find it on the Divi Booster settings page at:

"Divi Builder > Standard Builder > Show mobile icon on hover in module settings"

It should apply to all modules, including 3rd party modules.

Option 2: Manually enable mobile icons on hover using PHP

If you're not using Divi Booster, you can use the following PHP code to manually display mobile settings icons on hover:

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  1. dmassey1@charter.net

    This article refers to Divi Booster 2.6.6, but 2.6.5 is the latest I find available.

    • dan

      Hi, I put the post out slightly in advance of releasing the update itself. I've just released the v2.6.6 update, so you should be able to update via the WP plugins page and give the new feature a go. I hope that helps!


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