Divi Booster Resellers: legitimate or not?


Like other WordPress plugin developers, I work hard to provide the best my customers with the best products that I can, and aim to charge a fair price which allows me to provide ongoing support and development and feed my family. Unfortunately, there are some individuals who seek to profit off of the efforts of others by reselling unauthorized copies of plugins.

Where to buy legitimate copies of Divi Booster plugins

Currently, the only place to buy legitimate copies of Divi Booster plugins is here, on DiviBooster.com. 

In the past, Divi Booster was available as part of the "Ultimate Divi Bundle" produced in conjunction with Divi Space / Aspen Grove Studios (now WP Zone), and Divi Life. We each sold the bundle on our own sites, so a copy of Divi Booster purchased in this way was also legitimate. 

While I don't currently sell through any third party marketplaces (such as the official Divi Marketplace), I may do so in the future.

I also operate an affiliate program, and as such you may see my plugins promoted on other sites. In such cases, the affiliate site should redirect you to my site to complete the purchase. Only enter payment information / complete the purchase if you have been redirected to divibooster.com.

Where NOT to buy Divi Booster plugins

I highly recommend you avoid purchasing Divi Booster from any other site, even if they offer low prices. In such cases I can't ensure either the integrity of the product you receive or the safety of your site, personal information and money. 

While there are many such sites out there, here are some specific recommendations:

  • Do not buy Divi Booster plugins from Yukapo 
  • Do not buy Divi Booster plugins from the Divi Club
  • Do not buy Divi Booster plugins from Etsy
  • Do not buy Divi Booster plugins from WordPressIT
  • Do not buy Divi Booster plugins from GPLAstra
  • Do not buy Divi Booster plugins from PluginsForWP

Products from these vendors may contain viruses, malware and / or adware. These are not authorized copies and I can't control what code gets added to them.

If you think another site may be selling unauthorized / scam copies of my plugins, or you're not sure whether to complete a purchase at a particular site, get in touch first.

The dangers of purchasing plugins from unauthorized sites

Purchasing my plugins from unauthorized sites not only undermines my ability to continue development of my plugins, but also puts you at risk in many ways:

  • These scam sites are well-known for adding malware, viruses, backdoors and intrusive advertising to the plugins they sell
  • These sites may steal, reuse and/or sell your credit card / payment details
  • These sites may resell your personal information
  • These sites often try to bypass plugin license checks (their sales pages often include text like "Divi Booster nulled" or "Enter any license" to indicate that this is the case) or provide invalid / stolen license keys. While this may work in the short-term, in the long-term it is likely that you would lose the ability to update the plugin as the license checks are modified or license keys revoked.
  • The sites may not honor refund requests
  • The sites are unable to provide technical support for the products and many will not answer even basic questions – once they have your money they are done with you
  • The sites may provide older versions of the plugin, leaving you missing features or incompatible with the latest Divi updates

If you want to keep your site safe and ensure that you don't lose money, I'd suggest avoiding unauthorized reseller sites.

Remember, always purchase your legitimate Divi Booster plugins here on divibooster.com

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    • Hey Asad, thanks for sharing that. I'm not glad it happened, but certainly does illustrate the point and hopefully shows that there is a genuine risk (rather than it just being me trying to make a sale). If anyone can't afford the listed price, I'd encourage them to get in touch with me directly through the contact form so that we can try to come to an arrangement that doesn't involve dealing with these sites. Thanks again!


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