Fix Blog Post Body Not Showing in Divi


If you have run into an issue in Divi with blog posts where the body just isn't showing up, here's some possible causes / solutions.

Body Layout Disabled in the Theme Builder Template

The problem often crops up when you're using the theme builder to create a template for the post / site. In this situation, if the template's body layout has been disabled, Divi will actually display nothing, rather than the original, un-templated body.

To fix this, either:

  1. Enable the Body Layout in the Theme Builder Template. Go into the Theme Builder and find your template. Look for the "eye" icon next to the body layout—click this to enable the body layout. A disabled eye indicates that the body layout is toggled off, and an enabled eye shows it's active.
  2. Remove the Custom Body Layout. If enabling the body layout doesn't solve your problem, or you don't actually need the layout, you could instead remove the custom body layout from the template altogether. 



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