Here are the terms of use of the Divi Booster Plugin affiliate program. Please read them carefully.

  • 50% payout – The affiliate program will pay out 50% of the purchase price, exclusive of sales tax, of any Divi Booster plugin sale to the affiliate whose "affiliate cookie" is provided to the Divi Booster site by the purchaser's browser at the time of the sale, providing that cookie has not expired.
  • Affiliate Cookies – When a potential customer is referred to Divi Booster by an affiliate, using the URL format provided in the affiliate area, a cookie will be set in the customer's browser. The cookie will be valid for 90 days from that time. The user may configure their browser to reject or clear cookies, or the cookie may be overwritten by a subsequent referral from another affiliate. In these cases the original affiliate will not be credited with the sale.
  • Payout – Any commissions earned will be paid out on or before the 7th day of the month following the sale, via PayPal. Note that in exceptional circumstances this payment may be delayed. There is a minimum payout of $100. Any commissions earned which do not meet the payout threshold will be rolled over until the following month. You are responsible for the payment of any applicable tax on the affiliate income you receive from Divi Booster.
  • Affiliate Link Disclosure – A number of laws exist which require affiliates to disclose the nature of their relationship with Divi Booster, when posting affiliate links. Divi Booster will comply with all relevant laws, which may require us from time to time to request affiliates to properly disclose their links or terminate the accounts of affiliates who fail to comply with the regulations. As such, we advise that all affiliates follow the FTC guidelines on affiliate link disclosure.
  • Accuracy – Affiliates must represent Divi Booster products fairly and accurately. They must not make false claims about the features of the product, or otherwise entice or trick users into following an affiliate link. Affiliate links may point to any page of the Divi Booster site, and do not need to explicitly mention Divi Booster (for example you may wish to link to a Divi tip page which itself links to Divi Booster). However, you should ensure that the links fairly represent the content of the linked page. Affiliates should also strive to keep up with changes in features and prices and update their links accordingly.
  • Representation – Affiliates must not represent themselves as being Divi Booster, or being associated with, or acting on behalf of, Divi Booster. 
  • Competition – Affiliates should not engage in activities which have the effect of redirecting direct traffic to Divi Booster through affiliate links. This includes, but is not limited to, placing adverts on search engine result pages for a page on the Divi Booster site is the number one result.
  • Legal Stuff – Divi Booster reserves the right to terminate affiliate accounts and / or withhold payment in the event that an affiliate breaches these terms of use. The term of use on this page may be updated from time to time, and your continued participation in the affiliate program implies acceptance of them. It is recommended that you check this page periodically to ensure you are familiar with them. If at any time you are not happy with the terms of use you may terminate your affiliate account.