Divi Booster Feature List

I'm constantly adding new Divi configuration options to Divi Booster. Here's the full list of features. If there is something you'd love to see added, please let me know in the comments and I'll do my best to add it.

NB: Features marked (E) are confirmed as working in Extra. I've only just started documenting this here, though, so more features will work in Extra than are noted below.


Site-wide Settings





Site Speed




Top Header

Main Header

Mobile Header











Divi Builder


Standard Builder

Visual Builder



NB: Module features marked (*) can be set on individual modules from within the module settings. Other features apply to all instances of the module.




Email Optin

  • Use horizontal subscribe module style (*)


Header (Full Width)



Portfolio (Filterable)

Portfolio (Full Width)

Post Navigation

Post Slider

Post Slider (Full Width)

  • Set slider height (*)

Pricing Table


Slider (Full Width)

  • Set slider height (on individual sliders)
    • Set at "Fullwidth Slider Settings > Design > Sizing > Height"
  • Add second button to slides (on individual slides)
    • Set button text at "Slide Settings > Content > Text > Button #2 Text"
    • Set button URL at "Slide Settings > Content > Link > Button #2 Link URL"
  • Add background link URL to slides (on individual slides)
    • Set at "Slide Settings > Content > Background > Background Image URL"


  • Increase spacing around bullet lists





Easy Digital Downloads




CSS Manager

  • View your Divi Custom CSS
  • Apply CSS by user type (logged in, non-logged in)
  • Apply CSS to a specific page or post
  • Apply CSS to specific layouts (boxed, vertical navigation, etc)
  • Apply CSS to a specific browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera, Lynx)
  • Apply CSS to a specific platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone)
  • Apply CSS to a screen width range (based on Divi's natural breakpoints)


Developer Tools


Import / Export

  • Export your Divi Booster settings to a file
  • Import Divi Booster settings from a file

Generated CSS

  • Use inline CSS (default is a separate file)
  • Disable CSS minification
  • View the CSS generated by the plugin

Generated JS

  • Use inline JavaScript (default is a separate file)
  • Disable JavaScript minification
  • View the JavaScript generated by the plugin

Generated Footer HTML

  • View the HTML generated by the plugin

Generated .htaccess Rules

  • View the .htaccess rules generated by the plugin


Deprecated Features


Divi Booster also contains a number of older features which can now be achieved within Divi itself. These features remain available for the benefit of users running older versions of Divi.

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