By purchasing, downloading, installing, updating or other using the Divi Booster plugins for WordPress or any derivative thereof, you agree to the following conditions:


The Divi Booster plugins code may be freely distributed. All distributed copies of the plugins are subject to this license and it is your responsibility to inform the recipient of this license and its conditions.


Divi Booster plugins may include a license key system which gives access to plugin updates. In order to receive updates to your copy of plugin you are required to purchase, and activate, a Divi Booster license key from Dan Mossop (hereafter "Dan") or a vendor approved by him.

Your Divi Booster license key is for your exclusive use. You are not permitted to resell, share or publish online or otherwise distribute your license key. You may, however, use your license key to activate copies of Divi Booster plugins on websites you have been contracted to develop on behalf of a third-party. In this case, you must personally enter and activate your license key. You are not permitted to offer an activated copy or the activation of a copy of Divi Booster plugins as a principal incentive to the third-party for entering into a website development contract. Please be aware that violation of the terms and conditions laid out here may result in the issuing of a warning notice and, if not resolved, possible revocation of your license key.

The license keys issued remain property of Dan and may be deactivated / deleted at any time, for any reason, not limited to unauthorized distribution of license keys.

Derivative Works

Any derivative works shall be bound by these terms and conditions and shall acknowledge Dan as the author of the Divi Booster plugins both in the source code and in any accompanying text or copy describing the works.


Support is not currently provided as part of any Divi Booster purchase – the plugins are provided on an as-is basis. Dan may choose to provide support in certain circumstances, but please be aware that this is not part of the purchase and is provided at Dan's sole discretion.


When plugin updates are released, they will be made available through the WordPress plugin page, provided that the plugin has been activated with a valid key. Updates are released at Dan's sole discretion and no guarantee is given that future updates will be released or that specific features will be added or updated.


Dan cannot accept liability for any consequences of the use of Divi Booster. Please be aware that bugs and plugin conflicts may occur, and you are advised to backup sites before installing, updating, or configuring the site with, Divi Booster.


By providing contact details (such as your name or email address) to Divi Booster, you agree to allow Divi Booster (or service providers acting on behalf of Divi Booster) to contact you without further opt-in. Such contacts may include, but are not limited to, support responses, emails relating incomplete or complete purchases, marketing offers, product launches and feature updates, security notifications, feedback requests. You may opt out at any time using the unsubscribe link in the relevant emails or by a direct request through the site contact form. You understand that some unsubscribe links will apply to a single notification channel (e.g. cart recovery emails) and may not unsubscribe you from other emails (e.g. direct mail campaigns). These can be unsubscribed from separately. 

Terms & Conditions Updates

The latest version of the Divi Booster terms and conditions will be made available on this page. These terms and conditions may be subject to revision at any time and any changes will take force immediately and apply retroactively. It is your responsibility to check for changes to the terms and conditions and discontinue use of the Divi Booster plugins if you do not find them acceptable.