Fix Pricing Table Excluded Features Spacing Issue

The Divi Theme pricing table module allows you to supply a list of features for each pricing option. You can mark features as being either included or excluded. Excluded features are shown, but are greyed-out. There is a slight bug in the processing of excluded features.

According to Elegant Themes, you can mark features as included or excluded in the following way:

Separate each list item on a new line and begin each line with either a + or a – symbol. A + specifies an included feature, whereas a – specifies an excluded feature.

This works, as long as there is no space between your "-" symbol and the start of the excluded feature text. If there is a space, then the feature shows up as included, but with a minus printed before it. Obviously, once you know this, it's easy to fix – just delete the space.

But to avoid being caught out, here's a patch (to be put in functions.php), which fixes things so that you can include a space if you want and the feature will still be excluded:

function myprefix_remove_excluded_feature_whitespace($content) {
    return str_replace('– ', '- ', $content);
add_filter('the_content', 'myprefix_remove_excluded_feature_whitespace');

It works by unencoding the minus sign, which seems to get encoded in the Divi shortcodes, but only if there is a space present. I'm not sure why that's happening, or if there are any unintended side effects of undoing it – but I haven't come across any so far.

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  1. Thank you very much for this Divi theme code to fix this price table issue. I have been fiddling around and around for a few hours trying to get this fixed. I shouldn't have searched for your answer and fix sooner.

    Thank you again,


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