Adding Recaptcha to the Divi Contact Form


I often get asked whether Divi Booster has the ability to add Google's reCaptcha to the Divi contact form. It doesn't at the moment (though if you'd find that useful, let me know in the comments).

There are however a couple of existing plugins which can be used to integrate reCaptcha with Divi. They are:

I've used the one by Trumani and it worked well. I haven't tried the Bestwebsoft one yet.

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  1. The BestWebSoft version doesn't actually work with Divi. They say that they are working on it, and hope to have it working soon.

    • That's good to know – thanks Don. I guess both plugins are somewhat irrelevant now as Divi 4 introduced reCaptcha (v3) integration in the Contact Form module settings (under "Contact Form Settings > Content > Spam Protection"). Cheers!

      • awesome!

  2. You saved my life! Thank youuuuu

  3. Hi, yes please add it to Divi Booster. I have tried the Trumani version and am still getting lots of rogue contact form entries, no matter which version of captcha I set. I recently received an email from a company purporting to be able to add (sales / spam) content to online forms bypassing any captcha security, so this could be a new issue.

    • Thanks for the comment, Rick. Interestingly, this is in the Divi 4.0.7 changelog:

      * Improved spam protection for the Contact Form and Email Optin modules with Google reCAPTCHA v3

      I haven't had a chance to try it out yet, but it sounds like Divi now has its own implementation.

  4. Yup, sure would like it. I like to keep the # of plugins installed to a minimum. :)

    • Okay, I'll see what I can do, Randy. Stay tuned… :)

  5. This would be super useful being part of Divi booster! +1

    • Thanks Andy, I've made a note :)

    • Thanks Matt, I'll do my best to add it in a future update! Cheers :)


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