Change the Divi Login Module Forgotten Password URL


Want to change the Divi login module lost password URL? Maybe you have a custom password reset process, or perhaps you're providing a more user-friendly page that aligns with your brand's look and feel. Whatever the case, this adjustment is a simple way to enhance the user experience on your Divi website. Here's how to change the login module's "Forgot your password?" password reset link.

Change the Lost Password URL in the Divi Login Module using PHP

With a bit of PHP, you can modify the password reset link and point your users to the right place. Here's the PHP code:

function divi_booster_custom_login_module_forgetten_password_url( $props, $attrs, $render_slug, $_address, $content ) {
    if ( 'et_pb_login' === $render_slug ) {
        add_filter( 'lostpassword_url', 'divi_booster_custom_lostpassword_url', 10, 0 );
    return $props;
add_filter( 'et_pb_module_shortcode_attributes', 'custom_login_module_forgetten_password_url', 10, 5 );

function divi_booster_custom_login_module_output( $output, $render_slug ) {
    if ( 'et_pb_login' === $render_slug ) {
        remove_filter( 'lostpassword_url', 'divi_booster_custom_lostpassword_url', 10 );
    return $output;
add_filter( 'et_pb_module_shortcode_output', 'divi_booster_custom_login_module_output', 10, 2 );

function divi_booster_custom_lostpassword_url() {
    return ''; // Replace with your custom lost password URL

You can add this PHP code in the functions.php of your child theme, or with a plugin such as Code Snippets.

Simply swap out with your preferred URL.

This code does the following:

  1. Hooks into the Divi module shortcode attributes to determine when the login module is being used.
  2. Adds a filter for the WordPress 'lostpassword_url', changing it to the URL specified in the divi_booster_custom_lostpassword_url function.
  3. Ensures that the filter is removed after the Divi login module runs to prevent affecting other parts of the site.

Keep in mind that when you use custom code, it's always best practice to test on a staging site before applying it to your live site. Also, it’s worth noting that this code will apply the change across all instances of the Divi login module.


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