Change the Order of Social Icons in Divi


Divi lets you add some of the most common social icons to the header and footer, and plugins such as Divi Booster let you add many more. These show up in a fixed order. Here are some ways to adjust the order of the footer icons.

Reverse the Order of the Footer Icons

If the order you want is the reverse of what you currently have, you can simply reverse the icons by adding this CSS:

/* Reverse footer icons - */
#main-footer .et-social-icons {
    display: flex;
    flex-direction: row-reverse;
/* End Reverse footer icons*/

Specify the Order of the Footer Icons

If you want more control, you can explicitly set the order of the icons like so:

/* Set footer icon order - */
#main-footer .et-social-icons {
    display: flex;
#main-footer .et-social-icons li:nth-of-type(1) { 
    order: 3; 
#main-footer .et-social-icons li:nth-of-type(2) {
    order: 2;
#main-footer .et-social-icons li:nth-of-type(3) {
    order: 1;
/* End Set footer icon order */
The nth-of-type(…) part identifies an icon by it's original position, and the order part specifies its new position. So the last CSS rule, for example, says place the icon that was originally in the third position to position (order) one. This entire example reverses the order of the first three icons, though it can be adapted to achieve any required ordering.

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