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The Divi theme comes with a Button module which lets you create buttons with text and an optional icon. But what if you just want the icon, but no text. Here's how to achieve that.

Create an Icon-only Button

By default, Divi won't display an button which has no text, or whose text is just blank spaces .

To create a button with an icon, but no text:

1. Add the following PHP code to allow buttons with no text to be displayed anyway:

add_filter('et_pb_module_shortcode_attributes', 'dbcAllowEmptyButtonText', 10, 3);

function dbcAllowEmptyButtonText($props, $atts, $render_slug) {
	if ($render_slug !== 'et_pb_button') return $props;
	if (!is_array($props)) return $props;
	if (!empty($props['button_text'])) return $props; 
	$props['button_text'] = ' '; 
	return $props;

2. Add a button with an empty text field, like so:

3. Configure the button icon to show at all times. To do so, set:

  • Button Settings > Design > Button > Use Custom Styles for Button = Yes
  • Button Settings > Design > Button > Show Button Icon = Yes
  • Button Settings > Design > Button > Only Show Icon On Hover for Button = No

4. Select your icon, at:

Button Settings > Design > Button > Button Icon

5. Equalize the padding round the icon by setting the left and right padding to 16px, at:

Button Settings > Design > Spacing > Padding 

6. Make some final adjustments in the icon's custom CSS, by setting:

Button Settings > Advanced > Custom CSS > After


margin-left: 0 !important;
position: relative;

Like so:

7. Save and view the page on the front-end and you should see the result:


  • The button may not show properly in visual builder / may prove easier to edit using Divi's wireframe mode.
  • Here's a post from Elegant Themes that achieves a similar result in a different way – by changing the text of the button to itself be the icon.

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    • Hey Pieter, it looks like a couple of changes are needed to get this to work correctly in the latest version of Divi (setting the icon position to relative and setting padding on the button). I've updated the post to break the steps down in more detail and include these changes. I hope it helps, but let me know if not. Thanks!


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