Free Christmas Day Message Layout


Today's offering in my 2023 Advent Calendar is a free "Christmas Day Message" layout built using the Divi display conditions feature. It is configured to display only on Christmas day each year, and be hidden the rest of the year. As such, it's perfect for wishing you customers Merry Christmas if they happen to visit your site on Christmas Day, without you needing to be online to enable / disable content at the appropriate time, letting you enjoy the day instead.

Here's how the layout looks:

You can download the section layout using the button below. Once saved to your desktop, import the layout into your Divi Library. You'll then be able to include it in the pages / posts of your choice.

(Click on the button, then Right-Click and "Save As…" on the .json page to download the layout)

How to display a Divi Section, Row or Module only on Christmas Day

The above layout is pre-configured to only show on Christmas day each year. I've kept the styling fairly minimal so that it can be readily customized to suit your site. But if you want to know how to make your own Divi elements (i.e. sections, rows or modules) show only on Christmas day, here's how to do it.

First, in the element you want to show on Christmas day only, go the "Advanced" tab of the element's settings. There click on the "Conditions" heading and you should see the "Display Conditions" option, like so:

Click "Add Condition" and you'll be presented with a menu with the different types of display condition available:

Select the "Date & Time" option (under the "Interaction") heading, to allow the visibility of the module to be determined by the date:

Configure the date-based display condition as above, and then save. Now your section / row / module should only show on Christmas day.


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