Schedule Divi Modules by Date and Time


Here is a quick round up of some of the options for controlling the visibility of Divi Builder elements (modules, rows, sections) based on the date and time. This allows, for example, scheduling of limited time promotional content, hiding of content until a launch date, and automatic hiding of content after it has expired.

Hide & Show by DModules

The Hide & Show plugin adds new visibility options to Divi Builder elements including the ability to begin hiding or showing an element at a particular date / time and then showing / hiding it again at a later date / time.

It is available on the Elegant Themes marketplace.

Hide & Show PRO by DModules

A significantly enhanced alternative to the basic Hide & Show plugin, Hide & Show PRO offers the ability to show / hide content on recurring schedules (based on time of day, day of week, etc), or on custom schedules. These can also be combined with other visibility criteria such as whether a user is logged in, their language and more.

It is available on the Elegant Themes marketplace.

Divi Scheduled Element by Divi Supreme

Divi Scheduled Element enhances the visibility section of Divi builder elements to allow them to be shown / hidden at a particular date / time, or within a date / time range. There is also the option to display the element during set business hours only.

It is available from Divi Supreme.

Divi Magic

Divi Magic is another plugin which adds options to the visibility section of Divi builder elements. It offers as simpler set of options that some of the others given in this post, allowing a date / time to be set at which the element is shown, and optionally a later date / time at which to hide it again.

It is available on Elegant Themes marketplace.

Content Visibility for Divi Builder

Slightly different from the other options, Content Visibility allows the visibility of an element to be controlled based on a PHP expression entered in the module settings. While this makes its setup the most technically challenging, it also provides increased flexibility. Though not designed specifically for scheduling, it would certainly be possible to use it to show / hide Divi Builder elements based on advanced date and time schedules.

It is available on

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