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Latest Divi Theme Tips

Prevent Flash of Divi Header in Learndash Focus Mode

Learndash has a focus mode which provides students with a distraction-free page layout. Learndash implements this by hiding other elements on the page, once the page has loaded. However, the Divi Theme Builder header will typically start to display before the page has...

Enable Coming Soon Mode in Divi

Divi doesn't currently include the option to put your site into an 'coming soon' mode. Fortunately, there are several plugins that will add this functionality for you. Divi Coming Soon by Divi Life Divi Coming Soon is a simple, and free, plugin that lets you designate...

Enable Social Icons in Divi Header

In the default header setup Divi places the social icons in the secondary header bar (the thin strip at the top with the phone / email icons). However, you need to first enable this at: Divi > Theme Customizer > Header & Navigation > Header Elements >...

Add Custom Image Icons to the Social Media Follow Module

Divi's social media follow module lets you add icons from a range of social networks into you pages, and Divi Booster adds approximately 300 additional icons. But what if you need an icon not covered by either. Here's how to add your own custom social media follow...

Create an Icon-only Divi Button

The Divi Button module lets you create buttons with text and an optional icon. But what if you just want the icon, but no text. Here's how to achieve that.Create an Icon-only Button By default, Divi won't display an button which has no text, or whose text is just...

Using Calendly with Divi

This is a post for collecting together anything interesting I come across relating to the use of Calendly together with the Divi theme.Problems using Calendly Inline Widgets in Code Modules Calendly offers various methods for embedding its calendars, etc. One is the...

Stop Fullwidth Slider Automatic Animation On Last Slide

Divi's Fullwidth Slider module includes an 'Automatic Animation' option which causes the slides to change from one to the next automatically. Once the last slide is reached, the slider returns to the first slide and the animation continues. Here's how to run the...

Change the Filterable Portfolio Module Filter Tab Order

Divi's filterable portfolio module lets you filter a list of projects by category. These category 'tabs' are sorted alphabetically by default. Here's how the filterable portfolio looks in this case:Changing the Filterable Portfolio Tab Order using Divi Booster Divi...

Use a ScrollSequence as a Divi Builder row background

The Scroll Sequence plugin allows you to create animated image sequences that play out as you scroll up and down the page. These sequences have the potential to make for eye-catching backgrounds to your Divi Builder content. But actually setting one as a background is...

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