Collecting Data from Users via Divi


If you're looking to collect data from your users via your Divi site, there are various options. The tool(s) that will best suit your needs will depend a lot on what exactly you need to collect, how you need to set up the form, and how you want to store / access the data. If they have any existing collection tools that need to be worked with, that would be a factor too. 

That said, there are various options that might do what you need.

Divi Form Builder is a good general option for building forms – it supports a variety of field types and layouts. It also includes AI support which might be useful if you need to provide automated responses based on the data submitted.

The built-in Divi Contact Form module isn't quite as flexible as the form builder, but you can still add custom fields so if you don't need anything fancy it might be enough. If you pair it with Divi Contact Form DB you can store the contact form data in the WordPress database (rather than just having it sent as an email), and can export it as a CSV. There's also a free version of the same plugin, called Contact Form DB Divi which only supports some fields, but there's a chance it will be all you'd need. You can even submit the Divi Contact Form to another URL (such as a custom script or API).

If you need something more powerful / flexible than either of these then your best bet is probably a dedicated form plugin such as Gravity Forms which has a lot of features and add-ons that should be able to handle most use cases. While you can just embed a Gravity Form into Divi using shortcodes, there are a couple of plugins that help with integrating Gravity Forms into Divi, namely Divi Gravity Forms and Gravity Forms Styler for Divi.

i hope that helps but if you have any specific requirements let me know in the comments.


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