Divi Slider Animate by Divi Web Design (No Longer Available)


Divi Slider Animate module was a product of Divi Web Design. It offered a range of slider customizations to help create dynamic text effects, background animations and more.

Unfortunately, Divi Web Design no longer seem to be in operation, and their original plugin is no longer available for download or support (the link to the plugin page now goes to a parked domain).

For those who still have a functional copy of this plugin, you may continue using it. However, there won't be a license key available for you, and the plugin may remain unlicensed.

A word of caution: while the Divi Slider Animate plugin may function now, it may cease to work in the future, particularly with upcoming updates to Divi (like the anticipated Divi 5).

Therefore, I would strongly recommend considering alternatives. You could downgrade to the standard Divi Fullwidth Slider module. There are also numerous slider modules on Divi Marketplace that could serve as a suitable replacement for your current Divi Slider Animate slider. You can check out the offerings there and begin navigating towards a more sustainable solution for your site.

I would also like to offer assistance to those who are still using the Divi Slider Animate plugin and encounter any issues. Feel free to reach out to me with specific details, and I'll do my best to help you resolve them. 

I hope this information helps you navigate this situation!


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