Fix Divi Video Slider Module not Displaying Videos


Divi comes with a built-in video slider module, which lets you display videos in a slideshow format with thumbnails below for easy switching between videos. If you find your videos are not displaying, leaving you with a blank space where the video should be, here is a possible solution.

Fix the Video Slider by Overriding the "et_multi_view_hidden" CSS

While I haven't fully got to the bottom of the issue yet, it seems like Divi will sometimes add a class ("et_multi_view_hidden") to the video slides, which ultimately prevents them from being displayed. This appears to occur after a period of time when the thumbnails are used to select videos.

The following CSS can be used to override the multi view class and make the videos display correctly:

.et-db #et-boc .et-l .et_pb_video_slider .et-pb-active-slide .et_multi_view_hidden, 
.et_pb_video_slider .et-pb-active-slide .et_multi_view_hidden {
    display: block!important;

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