Combining LearnDash, Divi LearnDash Kit & SCORM


LearnDash doesn't itself support the e-learning standard, SCORM, but they have a post on adding SCORM compatibility to LearnDash which identifies two plugins which can be used to insert SCORM content into LearnDash:

You should only need one, not both, of these. Also, note that content created within LearnDash will not be SCORM compliant, so you'd need to keep managing the content externally (e.g. in Articulate, iSpring, or Adobe Captivate) to maintain SCORM compliance.

Divi LearnDash Kit, it is designed to control the display of LearnDash courses. Management of the content remains under the control of LearnDash / the SCORM plugins. As such, while Divi LearnDash Kit isn't able to add SCORM support itself, it can be used to display any SCORM content imported into LearnDash.

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