Divi LearnDash Kit: Controlling Visibility Based on Course Enrollments


The Divi LearnDash Kit plugin adds features to improve the integration of the LearnDash LMS with the Divi Theme. A useful feature of the toolkit is its ability to control the visibility of sections, rows, or modules based on a user's course enrollments.

To get started, enable the:

Advanced > Visibility > Restrict by Enrollment

option in the settings of any module, row or section.

Once the 'Restrict by Enrollment' option is enabled, a set of configurations are revealed. Essentially, the section, row, or module will be hidden unless one or more of these settings' conditions are met.

Here are the options available to you and how they function:

  • Show if Enrolled in Current Course – This option makes the module visible for users enrolled in the course currently being viewed.
  • Show if Not Enrolled in Current Course – With this option selected, the module remains visible for users not enrolled in the course being viewed.
  • Show if Enrolled in Course(s) – This ensures the module stays visible for users enrolled in the selected course(s).
  • Show if No Enrollments – Make the content visible to users who are not enrolled in any course.

For example, if you have content that should only appear before a user enrolls in a course, turn on "Show if NOT Enrolled in Current Course" for those sections. Conversely, if you want certain content to show only after user enrollment, enable "Show if Enrolled in Current Course".

This 'Restrict by Enrollment' feature provides granular control over user access based on course enrollments, allowing for a personalized learning journey for each student.

This option is available in Divi LearnDash Kit v1.7.1 upwards. 

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