Divi LearnDash Kit


About Divi LearnDash Kit

A plugin to make Divi and LearnDash work well together.

Enables Divi Builder on LearnDash pages
Adds custom modules to save you from shortcodes
Improves formatting options and tweaks

Automatic updates. No recurring fees.
90 day money back guarantee. Learn more…

Get Started with Divi LearnDash Kit

Want to use the powerful Divi Builder to layout your LearnDash pages? As soon as the plugin is installed you’ll be able to start using the Divi Builder to design your LearnDash courses, lessons, quizzes, topics, certificates and groups. No configuration required!

Once installed, you can easily insert any of the standard Divi Builder modules into your LearnDash pages. Easily add text, images, sliders, CTA buttons, contact forms, product listings and more.

Take control of your layouts using the Divi Builder sections, rows and columns, to get the layout that’s right for you. Use the Divi Builder global modules and library features to efficiently reuse content throughout your site – no more repeating yourself.

Works with and requires Divi, Extra or the Divi Builder plugin. Also requires the LearnDash plugin. These are sold separately.

If you have any questions about it, please get in touch.

Divi LearnDash Kit Version Details

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Posts about Divi LearnDash Kit

Convert a LearnDash Course Page to Divi Builder

Here's a walk-through of converting a standard LearnDash course page to one built using the Divi Builder. Normally a LearnDash course page is only editable in the back-end and offers limited options for re-arranging and styling the page. You can use Divi Builder to...

Fix Tab Gaps when LearnDash used with Divi

LearnDash includes a feature which allows tabs to be added to LearnDash pages (e.g. by plugins). However, this feature can introduce some white gaps in Divi. Here's what to do about it. First, here's an example of LearnDash tabs shown on a course page in Divi:As you...

Show Currency in LearnDash Course List Ribbons

LearnDash, coupled with the Course Grid Add-on, lets you display a list of courses. Items in this course list include an overlaid "ribbon" of text which provides the user with some information on the course status (e.g. "Enrolled"). In the case of a premium course...

Divi Learndash Course Survey Button Module

The LearnDash Ratings, Reviews and Feedback plugin is a third-party plugin by WisdmLabs which adds, among other things, the ability to create surveys which your students can fill out to give feedback on your LearnDash courses. When you use the plugin to create a...

Show "Back to Top" button in Learndash Focus Mode

Learndash has a focus mode which provides students with a distraction-free view of the course content (e.g. lessons and topics). One useful feature of the Divi Theme that is normally hidden in focus mode is the 'Back to Top' button. Here's how to make Divi's 'Back to...

Fix Divi Header Overlapping the LearnDash Login Modal

Learndash includes a popup login / registration which is displayed when a user clicks the 'Login to Enrol' button on a course page. However, the popup box is displayed behind the main Divi header, preventing it from being fully seen on the page. Here's how to fix this...