Divi LearnDash Kit


About Divi LearnDash Kit

A plugin to make Divi and LearnDash work well together.

Enables Divi Builder on LearnDash pages
Adds custom modules to save you from shortcodes
Improves formatting options and tweaks

Automatic updates. No recurring fees.
90 day money back guarantee. Learn more…

Get Started with Divi LearnDash Kit

Want to use the powerful Divi Builder to layout your LearnDash pages? As soon as the plugin is installed you’ll be able to start using the Divi Builder to design your LearnDash courses, lessons, quizzes, topics, certificates and groups. No configuration required!

Once installed, you can easily insert any of the standard Divi Builder modules into your LearnDash pages. Easily add text, images, sliders, CTA buttons, contact forms, product listings and more.

Take control of your layouts using the Divi Builder sections, rows and columns, to get the layout that’s right for you. Use the Divi Builder global modules and library features to efficiently reuse content throughout your site – no more repeating yourself.

Works with and requires Divi, Extra or the Divi Builder plugin. Also requires the LearnDash plugin. These are sold separately.

If you have any questions about it, please get in touch.

Divi LearnDash Kit Version Details

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Posts about Divi LearnDash Kit

Divi LearnDash Kit Course List Module

Divi LearnDash Kit adds new Divi modules for displaying LearnDash components within a Divi Builder layout. One of these modules is the LearnDash Course List module. This post gives an overview of the module and its options.The module displays a list of courses and...

Hide Default LearnDash Components when using Divi

Divi LearnDash Kit lets you design LearnDash courses from within the Divi Builder. When doing that, you may wish to hide some of the default content that Divi and LearnDash add outside the Divi Builder layout area. Specifically, this includes the default course...

Add / Remove LearnDash Course Materials

If you want to add supplementary materials to a LearnDash course page, you can use the built-in "Course Materials" option. Enable LearnDash Course Materials You'll find the option to add course materials by going into the backend edit screen for your course page and...

Enable Divi Builder on LearnDash Certificates

If you try to use the Divi Builder to edit a LearnDash certificate, you may find either that the Divi Builder isn't available, or that you receive the following error: 'Access to certificate page is disallowed'. Either will block you from being able to successfully...

How to Use Divi LearnDash Kit

My plugin, Divi LearnDash Kit, aims to make it easier to use LearnDash on Divi, Extra and sites running the Divi Builder plugin. For a while now, LearnDash users have been coming to me looking for a way to enable the Divi Builder on their LearnDash pages (courses,...

Make Divi Builder Full-Width on Learndash Course Pages

When you use Divi Builder to edit a Learndash course page, by default the visual builder is only available on a relatively small part of the page, like so:Here's how to make the visual builder area extend the full width of the page.Make the Course Page Layout...