Deactivating a License on a Divi Booster Plugin


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The Divi plugins sold by Divi Booster are licensed for use on a certain number of sites (typically 1, 3 or unlimited, depending on your purchase). If you have a limited license, you may find you need to deactivate the license on one site to allow it to be used on another site.

There are two ways to deactivate a Divi Booster plugin license on a site, freeing up that license for use elsewhere:

Deactivate the license in your Divi Booster plugin:

  1. Log into your WordPress and go to "WP Dashboard > Settings > {Plugin Name}"
  2. Then click "Deactivate" next to the license key field.

Deactivate a license in your Divi Booster account

  1. Log into your Divi Booster account at:
  2. Click on the "View Licenses" link next to your purchase.
  3. Then click on the "Manage Licenses" next to the plugin you want to deactivate.
  4. Finally, click the "Deactivate Site" next to the site you wish to deactivate the license on.

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