Disable Divi Gallery Image "Slide In" Effect

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When you first view a Divi Theme gallery, the images will "slide in" from the left. If you don't want this slide in effect on your gallery images, you can disable it with the following CSS:

.et_pb_gallery_item {
	-webkit-animation: none !important;
	-moz-animation: none !important;
	-o-animation: none !important;
	-ms-animation: none !important;
	animation: none !important;

I've added an option into my Divi Booster plugin to disable the gallery "slide in" effect. It's available from Divi Booster version 2.0.8 onwards (under "Modules > Gallery).

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  1. Thanks for pointing that out – was looking for this option a couple of days ago. We love divi booster! Thanks for such an awesome plugin!


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