Display an ACF Options Page Gallery in the Divi Gallery Module


Using Advanced Custom Fields Pro (ACF Pro) to manage and display content dynamically throughout your Divi site can greatly enhance its functionality and efficiency. If you're looking to display an ACF Options Page gallery within the Divi Gallery Module, here's a step-by-step guide to make it happen.

To display an ACF Options Page gallery in Divi Gallery Module:

  • Install Divi Dynamic Helper and Divi Dynamic Content Extended.
  • Add a gallery field to ACF Options Page.
  • In Divi Gallery Module's Images settings, click Dynamic Content icon.
  • Select ACF gallery field.
  • Save module and page for display.

Step 1: Install the Necessary Plugins

Firstly, you will need to install two plugins:

  • Divi Dynamic Helper from PeeAye Creative, which will add dynamic content support to the Images field of the Divi Gallery module.
  • Divi Dynamic Content Extended from Divi Booster, which will enable access to the ACF Options Page gallery in the dynamic content menu of the gallery module.

Step 2: Add a Gallery Field to an ACF Options Page

If you're new to setting up an options page, you can find detailed instructions in the ACF Pro Options Page documentation. Once you've established your options page, add a gallery field to it to manage your images.

Step 3: Open the Divi Gallery Module's Images Setting Dynamic Content Menu

With the groundwork laid, head over to the Divi Builder and add a Gallery module to your desired location. Then, click the Dynamic Content icon next to the Images field.

Step 4: Assign the ACF Gallery Field

In the dynamic content menu that appears, select the gallery field you've previously set up on your ACF Options Page. This will dynamically link the images in the field to your Divi Gallery module.

Step 5: Save and Display

Save the module and your page. Now, when viewed on the front end, the gallery from your ACF Options Page should display on the screen, e.g.:


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