Divi Module Editor Pro

Divi Module Editor is a new customization plugin for the Divi theme, allowing a range of style changes to be made to Divi without the need for knowledge of CSS.

It is available as the free-but-limited Divi Module Editor and a full-blown Divi Module Editor Pro.

Some of the features found in the pro version include:

  • Email support
  • Grid blog edits
  • Grayscale maps
  • Blurb image transitions
  • Diagonal sections
  • Curved bottom sections
  • Text size, colour and background
  • Reduce padding by 25%, 50% & 75%
  • Menu link borders
  • Side images for blogs
  • Full height slider
  • Device specific changes
  • Custom tabs
  • Images centered
  • Custom accordions
  • Custom portfolios
  • Constant updates

Divi Module Editor should be completely compatible with Divi Booster, but let me know if you notice any conflicts.


  1. Wow, thanks for sharing our plugin Dan :) Much appreciated. We're massive fans of your work with Divi Booster!


    • You're welcome, Steve, and thanks! Your plugin has some wicked features and will be a great compliment to Divi Booster :)

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