Fix WC Vendors Pro Panel Issues in Divi

Here are some tips I've gathered for improving compatibility between the WC Vendors multivendor marketplace plugin and Divi

Fix Pro Dashboard Settings Tabs Not Working

The WC Vendors Pro Dashboard Settings menu item takes you to a screen with a set of tabs: Store, Payment, Branding, etc., as shown here

You may find in Divi that these tabs do not work correctly – clicking on them does nothing, except maybe scroll the page by a small amount. This is due to Divi misinterpreting the links as internal navigation and trying to smooth scroll to the link target. In the process, it blocks the links from actually opening the corresponding tabbed section.

You'll be able to sort it out by adding this jQuery code to your site:

    $('#wcv-store-settings .tabs-tab').off("click");

You can add it into the "Divi > Theme Options > Integration > Add this code to the head of your blog" box.

It basically removes Divi's click handler on the tab links and should let them function as they are supposed to.

Fix Pro Dashboard Links Not Working

You find some links in your WC Vendors Pro Dashboard don't work correctly in Divi. An example is the 'Pro Dashboard > Settings > Branding > Add Store Icon' link. If you know how to, you may also see various jQuery errors in your browser console on the affected pages. This can happen if loading of the jQuery JavaScript library code is deferred until later in the page. In that situation, the code handling these links fails as it is looking for the jQuery library before it has been loaded.

You should be able to solve this by disabling jQuery deferral in Divi.


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