Fixing Divi Leads Post / Page Inaccessible

Do you have a long-running Divi Leads split test running on a page (or post) which has become inaccessible? Here's what to do about it.

I recently found that when I tried to edit my homepage, I couldn't access the page edit screen. I was just getting a blank page. I took a look at some other pages, and it turned out only the homepage was affected.

Turning on WordPress debugging revealed that the page was running out of memory. Increasing the memory limit didn't help, as the page was hitting my web host's memory limit, not just the WordPress memory limit.

Thinking about what could be using memory on the page, there was only one real possibility, Divi's split testing system, Divi Leads.

I had a long-running split-test, on a high-traffic page, so it made sense that it stood to reason that it had collected a lot of data. It appeared that processing this data was taking up too much memory and causing the edit page load to fail.

Clearing the Divi Leads Stats

The question was how to sort this out. With the page inaccessible, I couldn't simply stop the split test.

To fix it, I chose to clear out the split testing data from the database. The data is stored in the "wp_et_divi_ab_testing_stats" table of the WordPress database.

I wasn't sure if it was going to work, so I first exported the data from the table, so that I could restore it if necessary.

Then I chose the option to "empty" the database table (which clears the data but leaves the table there).

After doing that I was then able to access the page, confirming my hunch that it was Divi Leads that was triggering the memory issue. Interestingly upon viewing the split test on that page, I was still able to see the graphs of the split test results, etc. I believe this is down to Divi Leads caching a summary of the results.

I ended the split test and so far, so good. Everything seems to be working.

Notes: Messing around with the database isn't a good idea if you don't know what you're doing – it could seriously impact your site. Be sure to take a backup before starting. Also, consider whether you'd be affected by the loss of split test data on this page, or on any other split tests on your site. If so, you may not want to use this method.

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