I Bought Divi Booster but didn't Receive the Download Link – What Can I Do?

Thank you for buying Divi Booster.

When you purchase Divi Booster, you should receive two emails:

  • The PayPal confirmation email – This is sent by PayPal to the email address you provided to them. It contains details of your PayPal payment.
  • The WPThemeFAQs purchase confirmation email – Once my system has received confirmation from PayPal that the payment was successful, this second email is sent out. It contains the download link and license key and is sent to the email address you provided at the checkout stage (which may be different to your PayPal email address).

While this usually works well, but occasionally one or both emails don't arrive. If that happens to you, please do the following:

  1. Check in your spam folder – sometimes emails will be misclassified as spam. If this has happened to you, you should be able to find the email in your spam folder. Mark it as "not spam" to move it out of the spam folder and into your inbox.
  2. Check your other email account(s) – if you entered a different email address at the checkout to the one you used for PayPal, the two emails above will be sent to different accounts. Be sure to check them both.
  3. Wait a bit – the emails usually arrive in under 5 minutes, but can take up to 30 minutes in some circumstances.
  4. Create an account – if you haven't received the emails, but want to get started with Divi Booster as soon as possible, you can create an account to access your purchase details, download link and licence key. Be sure to register for the account using the same email address you provided at the WPThemeFAQs checkout (which may differ from your PayPal email).
  5. Let me know – if you still haven't received the emails / can't access the download, please contact me.


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