Display a Link to the Author's Website in Divi


If you'd like to display a link to the website of the current page / post's author in Divi, here's a way to do it.

First, here's where your authors can add their website URL:

Profile > Contact Info > Website 

Display the Author Website Link using Divi PHP Code Module

Divi PHP Code Module lets you add and run PHP code anywhere in your Divi Builder layouts. This makes it easy to add a link to the author's website, like so:

1) Install Divi PHP Code Module. 

2) Add a PHP Code module to your post / page:

3) Add the following code into your PHP Code module:

global $post;
if ($post) {
	$author_id = $post->post_author;
	$author_url = 	get_the_author_meta('url', $author_id);
	if (!empty($author_url)) {
		echo '<a href="'.esc_attr($author_url).'" target="_blank">Author Website</a>';


4) Save the module 

5) Save the page

Now when you view your post on the front-end you should see a link called Author Website that links to the URL set in the post author's profile.

Technical note: the link won't display in the visual builder preview because, in the preview, the code renders using an ajax request so it runs outside of the post. But is should display on the front end.


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