Resize the Author Profile Picture in Divi Dynamic Content


If you're using the "Author Profile Picture" field in Divi's dynamic content feature, you may find the profile image is smaller than you'd expect. This is because Author Profile Picture field requests a fixed size image from Gravatar using the WordPress default avatar size of 96x96px. Here's how to change this size of the author image in the Divi's dynamic content option.

To increase the actual dimensions of the source image (rather than just stretch it with CSS), when using the Author Profile Picture field in the Divi Person module, you should be able to use some PHP code like this:

add_filter('et_pb_module_shortcode_attributes', 'db_custom_person_avatar_size', 20, 3);

if (!function_exists('db_custom_person_avatar_size')) {
	function db_custom_person_avatar_size($props, $attrs, $slug) {
		if ($slug === 'et_pb_team_member') {
			add_filter('get_avatar_url', 'db_adjust_avatar_size');
		return $props;
if (!function_exists('db_adjust_avatar_size')) {
	function db_adjust_avatar_size($url) {
		$width = 320; // -- Change this to desired image width
		$url = str_replace('s=96', 's='.intval($width), $url);
		remove_filter('get_avatar_url', 'db_adjust_avatar_size');
		return $url;

This changes the size set in the Gravatar URL from 96px to, in this case, 320px.

Gravatar will let you set any size up to 2048px, but note that the quality of the image will depend on the resolution of the image(s) stored with Gravatar.

This code is restricted to work only on the person module to avoid affecting the Gravatar sizes elsewhere.


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