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Disable the Divi Theme Builder Header

The Divi theme includes a feature for creating page templates with custom headers, footer and / orĀ  layouts, known as the Divi theme builder. If you are trying to disable a custom header built using the Divi theme builder and restore the default Divi header this post...

Hide Divi Header on a Single Post

If you need to hide the main header on a single post in the Divi theme, here's how to do it. 1. Open the Post settings2. Switch to the "Advanced" tab3. Enter the following Custom CSS:Here's a screenshot showing the location of the per-post Custom CSS box:

Add Border Box to Main Menu Items

Here's how to add a simple border round the main menu links in the Divi Theme's primary header. Adding a box round all menu items The menu links in the Divi main header can be a bit tricky to style when it comes to borders. The reason for this is that Divi applies...