Updating Divi Booster Plugin

This page contains instructions for updating the Divi Booster plugin.

Updating Divi Booster through the Plugins Page

Divi Booster allows you to perform updates through the standard WordPress plugins page as you do for other plugins.

To do so, follow these steps:

  •  Go to your WordPress plugins page
  • Click the "Check for Updates" link next to Divi Booster
  • If there is an update, you should now see a link beside Divi Booster which says "Update Plugin". Click this and follow the prompts to complete the update.

If you are using an version of Divi Booster that is several years old, you may need to first enter your license key at the top of the Divi Booster settings page ("Appearance > Divi Booster"). This is not necessary, or possible, in recent versions of the plugin which are enabled for updates by default.

Manually Updating Divi Booster

Automatic updating can fail for a number of reasons (server configurations, network issues, etc.) and at times it may be necessary to perform manual updates of Divi Booster. This can be done as follows:


  • Download the latest version of Divi Booster using the link provided in your purchase confirmation email, or by logging into your account.
  • Deactivate then delete the old version of Divi Booster from your WordPress plugins page.
  • Upload the new version of the plugin at "Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin", and follow the prompts to activate it. Your old Divi Booster settings should be kept in the new version.

Known Issues

  • Automatic updates do not work when using Divi Booster on WordPress multisite.
  • Some users using certain old versions of Divi Booster (around 1.3.x) may be able to receive automatic updates. Manually updating to the latest version will fix this and allow automatic updates to be received in the future.

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  1. hello Dan, i just sent an email thru the site. i purchased DB a while back and now i need to download another copy. the copy i have will not install in WP. but i cant log in or recreate an account to redownload it. pls l m k and thank you.

    • Hi markmm, I've sent a reply to your message. At the time you purchased, accounts weren't automatically created (they are now). But if you register for an account now using the same email address you originally purchased with you should see your previous purchase in the purchase history section for the new account. I hope that helps / makes sense. Thanks!

  2. Bonjour,

    Voici mon souci:
    j'ai un message qui me dit: Plugin actif. Vérifiez les mises à jour.
    Les clés de licence ne sont plus nécessaires.
    Mais le plugin n'apparaît pas dans le tableau de bord des extensions.
    De plus, je ne parviens pas à faire ma mise à jour de mon divi 3.19.15 vers 3.19.17.
    Peut être il y a un problème de compatibilité?
    Par avance, je vous remercie de votre aide.

    • Bonjour,

      It sounds like the plugin is correctly installed, as the message you are seeing is on the plugin settings page which only shows when the plugin is installed and running. If you can't see the plugin in the plugins page (le tableau de bord des extensions), is there any chance you're also using the Divi Ghoster plugin? It has a feature called "Ultimate Ghoster" which hides various Divi plugins, including Divi Booster, from the plugins page. If so, disabling this feature would let the plugin show up in the plugins page again.

      I'm not sure quite what's going on with the Divi updater, but it looks like there might be a problem with Divi's own update code. I see the same thing on test sites which are only running Divi (no plugins at all). The site can update to 3.19.15, but doesn't get the 3.19.17 update notification. One thing you can do to workaround this is download Divi from your Elegant Themes account (which currently gives 3.19.17) and then replace the copy of Divi on your site with this downloaded copy.

      I hope that helps.

  3. Need help updating Divi Booster:

    WP version 4.9.5

    Update error:
    Updating Plugin Divi Booster (1/1)
    Downloading update
    Unpacking the update…
    An error occurred while updating Divi Booster: The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Invalid archive structure

    • Hi Marita, Thanks for getting in touch, and sorry I'm just getting back to you now.

      ​This post offers some ways to address the issue, which I hope will help you:


      ​The error doesn't seem to occur on manual updates, and Divi Booster saves its information in the database so it won't be lost if you delete / reinstall the plugin.

      ​I hope that helps, but let me know if you are still having problems with it after that. Thanks!

  4. I have a landing page that is not a part of the menu navigation. You arrive there and select the website and do not have a visible option to return to the landing page. But to do so, I had it set up so you could select the logo and you would return to the landing page.

    Since Divi added the TWO front page idea (for static sites you need to create a home page and a "home page" for blog posts), you have to select — from a locked drop down — which page will be your home page. The choice in the booster no longer seems to override that home page choice, which is what I WANT to do! Can you help?

    • Hey Randy, am I right in understanding that it's the "Header > Main Header > Change logo link URL" setting that isn't working for you – i.e. it isn't overriding the home page choice from that drop down? Looking at the URL linked in your profile, I can see that Divi Booster is running, but that its JavaScript file doesn't include the code for changing the URL. I'd first check that the feature is still enabled in the Divi Booster settings, and re-save the settings. If that doesn't help, I'd suspect its related to your use of CloudFront as a CDN. I'm not sure exactly how you have it set up, but I can see that you have Divi Booster's JavaScript file being served via a CloudFront URL. If something is preventing CloudFront from getting the latest copy of Divi Booster's JavaScript file, that could explain the problem. You might like to try temporarily disabling the CloudFront CDN and see if it starts working again. That would confirm that it's an issue in the CloudFront set up, rather than a problem on the site. If so, and if your CloudFront setup allows it, you might want to exclude Divi Booster's JavaScript file (located at /wp-content/uploads/wtfdivi/wp_footer.js) from the files served using CloudFront. I hope that makes sense!

      • I have NO IDEA how to do anything with CloudFront. It was suggested as a good idea and it was done some time ago, years maybe. I'll look again to see that the change was saved. And, yes, we are talking about the same place in booster. As I said, it worked just fine until this two front page thing was put in place by Divi. Since I DON'T blog, I have no idea why this is a good idea or even necessary. But then, no one asked me if I wanted it to be that way or not. Not sure what was wrong with the old way.

        • Dan, here's what I did.
          I contacted BlueHost and they helped me set a redirect to my home page. That worked great.

          The CloudFront didn't mean anything to them so we ignored it

          Something with Divi's recent two front page options is my thought. Either they have a coding problem or I don't understand what and how to do whatever it is that two front pages are supposed to mean. Often, their instructions are what I call, "Specifically Vague." Like a Change Colors option that says, "Here you will be able to change the colors."

          If you find how to fix this problem, should it be more global than just me, I'd appreciate getting an email on it.


          • I also changed settings site URL to my landing page. And it worked.
            Then I went back to redirect and changed it back to URL and it couldn't find the page. Reversed the redirect back to the landing page it's all fine.

          • Hey Randy, I’m glad you’ve been able to get it to work using the redirects. When I get a chance, I’ll spend a bit of time on this and see if I can figure it out a solution that doesn’t require setting up redirects, etc. If I do, I’ll let you know. Thanks!

  5. Hey, I was using Divi Booster on a website for a client of mine and something happened to the site (unrelated to Divi Booster) and I had to restore the site from a backup. Once I did that, the "Replace footer links with this text / HTML" field is showing blank in the admin page, but the custom footer on the website is still showing up on the front-end of the site. If I disable the Divi Booster plugin, the stock WordPress footer shows back up. Is there any way I can manually clear out (only) this attribute from Divi Booster in the database? Thanks in advance!

    • Hey Josh, it sounds to me like the footer value stored in the database is already cleared out. The custom footer you're still seeing is actually coming from the Divi Booster javascript file. The javascript file is generated / updated whenever the Divi Booster settings are saved, using the information currently in the database. So if you go into the Divi Booster settings page and re-save the settings, it should regenerate the javascript file, removing the custom footer in the process. Note that this will update the cached javascript / CSS for all features so I suggest reviewing the Divi Booster settings page to ensure that you have everything the way you want it.

      • I actually have the opposite problem. The information in the plugin (for footer HTML) went bye-bye and does not show up in site footer, original ET and WP is there now?

        • Hi Abi, it looks like you're using the autoptimize plugin to combine the JavaScript files on your site. While there's nothing wrong with this in principle, it looks like one of the JavaScript files has an error in it and this is preventing the JavaScript code from other, later, files (such as Divi Booster's) from running. Without it's JavaScript code being run, Divi Booster is unable to update the footer.

          ​It's a bit hard to tell from the combined JavaScript file exactly which plugin / them is causing the error, but here's the error:

          Uncaught TypeError: $ is not a function
          at autoptimize_6f69fbb20af16fb3bc392eba7891954b.js:102

          Based on the code at that line, it seems to be related to the "Launch Effect" theme.

          Perhaps the best way to track down the error would be to temporarily disable autoptimize and then check in the JavaScript console (CTRL-Shift-j in Chrome) to see which original JavaScript file the error is contained in. If you like, send me a message when you have autoptimize disabled and I can check it out for you.

          ​Once this source of the error is isolated, it can be excluded from autoptimize so that it doesn't affect your other plugins and/or fixed by contacting the author of the affected plugin / theme.

  6. I've purchased divi booster at the end of January this year and there is no option for me to re-download it. Every time it takes me to the shop and asks me to pay for it…

    • Hi Patryk,

      I've just resent your purchase confirmation email which contains the download link. The link you need is the "Divi Booster" link in the "Download Details" section. Please note that the "Divi Booster" link right at the end of the email is a link to my site, not a download link, and would just take you to the shop.

      You can also access the download by logging in at https://divibooster.com/your-account/. An account was set up using your email address and a password which you should have been sent in January. If you don't have the password, you can do a password resent, or let me know and I'll reset it for you. Thanks!


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